Melody_R_Green Melody began reading the tarot professionally for clients 20 years ago and was one of the first readers to work as a phone line psychic in Australia with the internationally acclaimed astrologer – Athena Star Woman in the 1990’s.

It disturbed her though that while her clients loved what she said and advised back to her just how ‘spot –on’ she was, many were not reaching their goals and aspirations and so she spent many years in search of tools that could support the soul’s journey. This included tools such as colour, Aura-Soma, flower and other essences and her uniquely developed ‘Sound Bath’ and ‘Soul Patterns’ that she uses in ‘Soul Awareness’ sessions. Melody also teaches vision and dream board workshops and how to make the most of the Universal Laws including the Law of Attraction to attract the life of your dreams and delight!

My story with the angels was captured on this interview with Jewels from Talk Radio at the Law of Attraction Radio Network

1-30 jewels and melody



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