Winner # 9 – Angel guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 9th question the angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Di-Anna asks:

I have been offered the opportunity to purchase a house at a very good price. Before I started doing law of attraction work I would have said YES and bought it but now I’m not so sure. You see the house doesn’t look like the one I have on my vision board and nor is the house of my dreams. Should I purchase this one?

The angels answer:

Dear one, the first questions you must ask yourself are these? Does it make my heart sing? Can I see myself living in this house and enjoying it? Would this house enable other parts of my life to unfold?

And then there are practical considerations – could the house be renovated into your dream home? Do you enjoy remodelling a house into what you want?

Sometimes Earth Angels dream big and do not allow the time for the dream to come into place. Your dream house, the one on your vision board is not this house and yet this is the house you are being presented with – why?

Because in this house you will be very happy. You will receive new and rewarding friendships and a partner. These people coming into your life will change what you consider to be your dream home. They will teach you what is really important for your soul to experience and express. This home will be your creative project and you will love putting your time, energy and creativity into it. Accept the universe gift and be filled with thanks. Many blessings beloved.

Blessings from the angels