Winner # 10 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 10th question the Angels have answered in our promotion in July.

A.U.  from Sydney asks:

My current concern is a job. I need a full-time job. Can I have a message in regards to this? I am a naturopath but Sydney is highly competitive and I have not find any job for over 1 year in this field so now I am looking for any full-time job and have applied to ALDI. I’d like to know if this is the right choice or not.

The Angels reply:

Dear one we can feel you despondency and it deeply saddens us. It is true you have tried to find work as a naturopath for some time. We do not want you to give up your desire to be a naturopath because this is an excellent place for you. The issue is not about the industry, it is about your belief in yourself. You trust your connection to the Source and yourself so little and you forget to ask us in to your life on a regular basis as a result your confidence is a tender shoot that finds it hard to speak up for itself.

So let us begin by saying we need you to take some actions to build your own confidence first and we would like you to do these daily practices between now and when the job interview comes about:

1) Daily we want you to imagine a ball of golden light filling your chest and throat – giving your more strength to feel confident and speak up for yourself.

2) We want you to visualise yourself working in retail and seeing your interaction with people getting better and better. We want you  to feel relaxed when you speak to strangers and smiling as you do so.

While the Audi job may result in an interview we would not suggest taking this position for more than a few months (as a confidence booster) while you prepare for other learning. Your skills and knowledge as a naturopath could be very beneficial to other forms of retail, pharmacy, health food stores, health clinics, beauty salons, hairdressers, health magazines, food manufacturers etc. Please broaden your idea of where you can use your knowledge so that we may direct you into the right position when the time comes.

We wish to stress here that no action taken is ever a failure – it is an opportunity to learn and nothing in the universe is ever wasted, it is collected, saved, recycled and reinvented. Take deep breaths of life in beloved.  Much love and blessings….

Bless-sings from the Angels