Winner # 17 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 17th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Gladys asks:

I believe in Angels, and have experienced their presence in numerous ways since I was a child. After a dark night of the soul two years ago, I felt that I needed to embrace what life brought me without resistance, without trying to push it away or change it, without judging the moment, so I pretty much stopped asking for help from my Angels with situations that come my way so that I can practice receiving what life brings with thanksgiving. Sometimes I still call on my Angels for help when something seems to be to overwhelming for me, but now I mainly acknowledge they are there always with me.  Am I correct in practicing to receive what life brings me as is, with thanksgiving, because I know that whatever life brings is to bring me closer to Source, without asking for help from my Angels, just knowing that they will always be there to support me? I feel life is a bit harder without asking for help from my Angels but at the same time, I have learned so much from acceptance of what is about myself. I wonder if the Angels can shed more light on this situation for me.

The Angels reply:

Beloved, this is a beautiful question and reflects a stage of growth that we would like to speak on – so thank you for asking about it.

We are all aspects of the One Source, the all that is and the everything that is not. It is a misunderstanding of the role of the One that brings a light seeker to the space of thinking that they are All and One and the buck stops with them. Of course at one level this is true – everything is interconnected and One and you are responsible for everything you see in your world – on the other hand the One is made up of many parts and all can be called upon to create oneness.

Can you see how confusing this concept can be from an Earth Angel perspective?

The One created all aspects of itself to enjoy interaction with itself and so while we admire your desire to be fully responsible for all of your life, to accept all of what you create and to be compassionate with those parts of you that seem to be ‘wayward’ we do not believe it is necessary for you to let us stop helping you in the process! One of the things we see happen as part  of this evolutionary understanding is that the ‘lightness of joy’ disappears from Earth Angels’ lives. You become overly serious. We might also add that many who connect to us become ‘overly pious’ as well (big guffaws here – we are definitely NOT pious!!) Neither state is one to create a life filled with joy, love and happiness. We angels are here to being the lightness back – for you to remember how much love and joy there is from being the One! So invite us in more Beloved! Invite us into every decision, every party and every opportunity to bring joy into your world. This is our biggest message to the world of Earth Angels, by inviting us to help you, you allow us to lift this pain, fear and sorrow from your lives and enrich them with happiness, joy, laughter and delight. So please let us play with you! Rich and wondrous blessings beloved!

Bless-sings from the Angels