Being an Earth Angel

Hello Earth Angels

Please do not feel uncomfortable with the moniker Earth Angels  – for this is what the Angelic Realm call all humans on earth.

I remember feeling very uncomfortable the first time my Archangel guide, Metatron called me this. At the time I did not feel like an angel, I felt I was a lost cause!  But Metatron was insistent and explained it like this.

 We are all part of the Great Consciousness (God, for those who believe) and we chose to express and experience our connection to the Great Consciousness through many different ways across the GC’s creation.

GC sees you as angels in the earthly plane, taking on a human existence. Before all things you are a spiritual expression of the GC and then you are a human being living on Earth.

It is your birthright to give and receive love, to experience the full rainbow of emotions and to chose how you will live your life. Some of these choices you made a long time ago, others you are making moment to moment.

It is your lack of acceptance of the truth of who you really are that causes the most pain and suffering on Earth and this is why we wish you to remember that you are an Earth Angel.

Everything you believe angels to be is what you already are!

Embrace the truth, that you are love, light, joy and happiness and everything in your life will improve and we the Angelic Realm can help you create that life for you… Ask and you shall receive.”

There’s not much more to say really, is there?

With gratitude to the angels and you…..