Birthing Ourselves in Love

Hello Earth Angels

I hope that you are well and filled with joy.

As I look around me (and at my own journey) I see many who are suffering and struggling in this moment – and so I finally remembered to ask the angels what is happening…

The Angels reply………

Dearest one

Firstly we admonish you lovingly – YOU ARE NOT ALONE… Everyone on Earth and much of the universe is focusing on the changes that are coming to Earth and her inhabitants.

We are here to help, to coach, to offer comfort, to be part of the cheering squad and the ‘mop-up-crew” when things get tense!

Everyone who is present at this time on earth put their hand up for the experience – and what an experience it is – the birthing of a new consciousness for you, your earth and the universe.

The impact of these shifts will reverberate around the Universe. It is very tense within you at present – and you are a little battle fatigued. It is ok to rest. To take time out… and it is especially helpful for you to go within yourself and be present with all the changes going on within you.

Each of you came to Earth at this time to experience the shift in consciousness through your key expression. Let us explain this.

  • If you are a physical person – into sports and lots of activity you will experience the shift through your body.You may get physical symptoms of imbalance – you may create physical accidents so that you can learn when to be still. You may have issues around your physical stamina and your main learning about this shift will come through your physical body. You will learn that you are more than your body. You are everything.
  • If you are a mental person – into education and thinking activities you will experience the shift through your mind.You may get mental symptoms of imbalance – you may create sever mental stress so that you can learn when to be still. You may have issues around your mental stamina and your main learning about this shift will come through your mental body. You will learn that you are more than your mind and your thinking. You are everything.
  • If you are an emotional person – into feeling and expressing yourself in emotional ways you will experience the shift through your emotions.You may get emotional symptoms of imbalance – you may create emotional crises so that you can learn when to be still , when to feel and release rather than hold on to the emotion You may have issues around your emotional stamina and your main learning about this shift will come through your emotional body. You will learn that you are more than your emotions. You are everything.

No matter your way to experience or express yourself during this shift you will find the changes begin in your comfort zone (one of those listed above) and spread to the shadow aspects of you (those above that you do not express) . This is because one cannot act outside of the wholeness of yourself for too long without a correction of energy.

You are here to experience LIFE through you … and ALL of you will be taking part even if some parts of you are more comfortable than others being ALIVE.

You are really in the process of birthing your true selves into the world. You are birthing the real and authentic you and doing it with the energy of all life – with love.

All that is not in the expression of true love is being released during this birthing process.

For women who know what childbirth is about.. you are in the unique position of birthing yourself and being birth helpers (if you so choose) to those who are unfamiliar with the ebb and flow of the process.

Women in childbirth know you do not keep pushing through every moment of labour. You push and then let go and stop, rest, regroup and get ready for the next contraction. You prepare yourself for the next step.

While you are in the birthing process it feels like it will never end, it will never get better and depending on your preparation and readiness to be a mother it can be a difficult experience. Always the choice is yours and this is true for this momentous time of consciousness as well.

Some may find the experience too overwhelming and leave before the whole birth process is complete. Others will leave because they have completed everything they set out to do and it is time to return home. All of you are on a journey to home. You are on the journey of coming home to yourself.

There is nothing to fear. In fact to fear is the worst thing you can do to yourselves as it will keep you in struggle, resistance and rebellion. The best action to take is to surrender unconditionally to the process.

You are here –  the changes will happen whether you will it or nay, so why not jump on the roller coaster and go for the ride of your life in radical trust?

Pass the controls over to your soul to manage – it is the part of you that knows what’s happening and can make the most of the experience for you. You will be fulfilled and happy in a way you have not been to date if you do.

Bless-sings from the Angels



The shadow of your greatest gift.

Hello Earth Angels

As you know we come in with gifts, talents and attributes. Melody has been reviewing hers recently as she has made some changes in her lifestyle and there are still more to come.

Her greatest gift is her creativity and this life time she has explored many ways to express this creativity. She has been a professional singer, author, speaker, teacher and radio host to mention but a few. She is gifted with an unquenchable thirst to learn new things and practise them to a level of mastery that most people cannot be bothered with. She has been motivated to do this because she has needed to use her talent. Her talent is two-fold – to translate complex ideas and to facilitate understanding in others of things that are often complicated. This is the role of the teacher – firstly to learn oneself and then to pass on the learning to others. She has been a teacher of the creative arts, english as a second language, spiritual and creative journeys, self-development and how to live life more fully in terms of relationships, career choices and using your intuition.

To expand and utilise your gifts requires you to work

with the shadow of those gifts.

We would like to explain this in more detail.

Your shadow is not something to fear. Your shadow attributes are the fuel that gives light to what you have come here to express. Your pain and suffering propel you to move away from pain and suffering and choose joy and love but at another level it is the fuel that provides the energy for you to be propelled into the expression of your light. Therefore you can never be separate from it and you can never be better off without it.

You NEED the shadow and you need to become more efficient in transforming

its power to catapult you into new worlds.

As you can see there is subtly in this understanding. Remember Life is always abundant and efficient – there is never waste.

So let’s look at Melody’s ‘shadow aspects’ that help here express her gifts and talents.

Her gift is her creativity – her gift shadow is her amazing ability to come through difficulty.

Melody keeps putting herself in difficult situations so that she can express more of her creativity because difficult situations enable her to transform herself and re-create who she is. This is one of the reasons her professional career is so diverse.Each time she has transformed her difficult situation she has created something new and marvellous. Mostly the new and marvellous is a new understanding of herself and others that she is then able to utilise to teach others.

Her talent is to teach others and the specific teaching she has come to share is the process of transformation. To enable her to master her talent she has had to take many risks and put herself in many kinds of danger. By this we do not mean extreme sports, but she has if you like played extreme sports with her spiritual, emotional and mental health in order to understand experientially the capacity of human beings to re-invent themselves from trauma and abuse. Now of course she did not necessarily do all of this from a conscious viewpoint. It is the subconscious that carries many of these negative programs. But through negativity Melody has transformed more of her shadow into light and as the light has increased the understanding of her actions has happened as well.

It has resulted in Melody having a strong desire for peace, stillness and acceptance of herself and her world … and these are good desires to have.

For many years Melody did not understand her shadow and why she continually created places in her life for transformation, but a teacher of the transformational process needs to understand how transformation happens, break it down into teachable chunks and perfect the teaching so that others learn from the teacher’s learning.

Time and due diligence is required to gain expertise because as you continue to develop your skills you gain in mastery. Mastery enables you to enjoy the process, to do things with grace and ease and a deep sense of pleasure. 

Mastery transforms the shadow by accepting its place in your lives.

It is the expression of your individual purpose.

So while others may have a more stable life than Melody it will be because their gifts, talents attributes and shadows are different.

As soon as you become more interested in other people’s lives and compare yourselves with others the more ‘off track’ from your own life and reason to be here you become  – creating deep pain within. This wound will not be healed until you accept your journey first and focus on you. The pain does not disappear but your way of handling it means you do not ‘stay in the pain’. You recognise it, accept it and allow it to go back into the sea of your consciousness, blessed with healing and compassion. This is an element of being in the flow. Acceptance of self.Only from a place of acceptance can you take the right action to resolve it.

Getting back to Melody’s dilemma. Her risk-taking and ability to come back from difficulty. Melody is learning that the nuance of degree is the issue here.

Her risk-taking is necessary to her path, so she cannot deny this element of her being, however she does not need to be in a place of extreme risk-taking. She only needs to understand when and how much risk-taking she is needing in any given moment. By qualifying the amount of risk at each point of her life she can find ways to take the risk and understand the transformation without putting herself into a fight or flee circumstance every single time. Not all points of transformation need extreme conditions to be understood.

We hope this has been helpful.

Bless-sings from the angels


Thank you for your patience Earth Angels!

Hello Earth Angels

The Angels speak:

Firstly thank you for your patience. We know that we have not answered some of your questions for a few days and this is because we have been keeping Melody busy doing other things.

We would also like to give thanks to Earth Angel Daniella who has been working on the graphics for us. We very much like the work you have done in trying to capture our energies. We know that you are very familiar with the traditional view of an angel as in human form but with angels wings – but know that our essence (as yours) is light and therefore a more realistic appearance of us is light in colour, patterns and orbs.Thank you dear one for translating Melody’s understanding into the blog format!

We promise Melody will be back with more answers for you over the weekend.

In the interim please accept our blessings and deep love, beloved ones.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 27 – Guardian Angels

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 27th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Beth asks:

Hello Melody,

And thank you so much for all the times that you have said “Yes” to your present path. It is so inspiring and encouraging to read the questions as well as the answers that are posted on your lovely website. This is a world that needs to be inspired and encouraged, and I am one of those in need too. It is a bit daunting to think of a question worthy of your own consideration as well as that of the angels that are always present but not always overtly so. I have always imagined that, when I have been rescued from some minor or major dilemma, or when I have been on the receiving end of some marvellous kindness, the angels assigned to me are most palpable, and they inspire me to pass those blessings along ~ and I do. At least I try to!

Here’s the question that I would ask my angels if I were to find myself sitting in the strength of their company: I have been a healthcare worker (a nurse) for more than 30 years, but I have also been a patient for even longer than that. I stopped working as a nurse a couple of years ago in order to explore the healing power of art.

I felt at the time that quitting nursing was exactly the right move to make at the time, but all of my best-laid plans fell through. I decided to open myself up to the new and unplanned path ahead of me, one step at a time, and not automatically go back to nursing in a knee-jerk reaction to the terrible economic downturn.

My husband’s company was doing well at the time, but his small business was unable to survive in these difficult times. He is taking jobs as an engineering consultant, but I know that a nurse’s income, although small, would help. Thing is, I just feel with every part of me that returning to nursing, at least the form of nursing that I know, is the wrong thing to do, that I ought to consider the discipline of waiting for my forward path to become clear. I have not been idle while waiting. I am a trained labyrinth facilitator and am currently working on completing the required work so that I can apply for my full labyrinth facilitator certification. I have on-going health issues (seems to be the theme of this particular lifetime), and it would be unwise for me to return to work in a healthcare facility until my present health challenges are fully addressed and treated. The child in me wants someone to tell me what to do, who I should be waiting for to arrive in my life so that I can get on with my earthly mission with confidence and a sense of direction, and ~ most of all ~ how may I best be of service in this life?

It’s difficult to put this essential question into words, but my angels (who have been working overtime on my behalf all of my life) most definitely know the Big Picture. I ask them, my spiritual companions, for direction and wisdom. Thank you so much for the opportunity to write with my query. I have a feeling that, whether or not my question is selected and answered on your website, my angels will get their message across to me in the way that I will best understand. Still, it would be wonderful to have an extra “translator!” Blessings!!!! Beth in Wisconsin

Angels Reply:

Dear one – thank you! You are more connected to your angels than you know and you spread light where ever you go, even when you think you do not! We know this has been a challenging time for you and your husband, as it is for many on the planet as Gaia and you make this magnificent transition to experiencing and expressing more love.

Your first priority must be to your health and wellness. You can assist yourself by looking at what beliefs you have that are blocking you from accepting more love into your life in the form of healing. You are soooo good at giving dear one but not so good at receiving! Now is your time to receive. You are right to not wish to go into nursing again in the way you have done it before. But you are learning a tool that will be so beneficial to others who are in recuperation or respite of their illness. This is the direction you are being prepared for. While you wait to get your certification please do not forget to use the tool on your own life and understanding – it will furnish you with many rewards. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 26 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 26th question the Angels have answered in out promotion for July.

Victoria asks:

I’ve had 2 very powerful dreams, two nights in a row. I was wondering if the angels can help me decipher them: On the first dream, I was seated at a wooden rectangular table and bench on my own, just outside a caravan that served hot dogs and hamburgers. There was a tarpaulin over my head, so I was in the shade. I was comfortable and in a good space. In the dream, I was ticking off what I wanted from the menu, which I held in my hands, except instead of food, there were luxury items on it, like clothing, shoes, perfume, etc. I knew I had no money on me, and I was aware that my credit cards had “maxed out”, yet I continued to tick things the things that I wanted.

In the second dream, I had a home in the mountains, surrounded by tropical rainforest. I came down from my home to a small beachside town, not unlike Kuta in Bali. I just wanted to explore the town and get in amongst “humanity” for a while. I arrived at a restaurant and joined a bunch of young people in their twenties for a meal and a few drinks. I remember sitting next to a young guy that looked like a surfer on a wooden rectangular table and bench seats, not unlike the bench set in the first dream. There was a perspex glass plate that separated our table from the beach. We then noticed the seas getting quite rough, with the waves coming in closer and closer. before we knew it, there were huge tidal waves rolling towards us, one after the other. The surfer next to me was in a panic and screaming as the waves came in. He was getting quite battered by the waves. Surprisingly, I managed to remain quite calm, just ducking my head when the waves crashed against the perspex glass and over us. I just ducked my head when that happened, but managed to remain safe. As the waves got larger and more threatening, I decided it was time for me to seek higher ground and go back to my home in the mountains. The dream ended with me making my way home.

These dreams come at a time when I am trying to get my finances in order and paying off all my debts. I have become very frugal, not spending anything on luxuries, and simplifying my finances. I thank the angels for their help and I send them my love. I thank you and send you my love too. Victoria

Angels Reply:

Loved one – we adore when you work with us and your creativity to work out what is troubling you! Dreams are one of the main ways your Guardian Angels help you on a daily basis to make sense of your greatest creation on earth – your life  and the possibilities open to you.

Each dream is a bit different so we will answer each one if we may.

Dream 1:

You are recognising that you love and desire things of beauty and luxury and you are wondering how you can receive these when everything on the outside appears to be telling you that you cannot have it – the place, the maxed out credit cards etc You say you were content and that you continued to tick off the things you wanted. This is to advise that the time of frugality is passing and secondly that your perception of your needs is rules by your desires – which you need to get more into alignment with. There is a disconnect from what you really desire and what you think you can currently have – in other words you are judging your desires and blocking them from coming to you.

Dream 2:

Your dream is very interesting  because it so clearly is telling you that when you remain calm and centred everything is ok. When you trust that all is ok – it will be – no matter what it may look like to others. The young man sitting next to you shows you two things – one how you used to react and how far you have changed your understanding – and secondly when you are in fear the thing you fear will overtake you and stop you from taking the right action – which was to realise it was time to go home to safer ground (i.e. go home to yourself)

When you put the two dreams together we get the following advice from your guardian angel.

Be aware that your desires are necessary to keep you moving and growing and by all means follow these forward to where they lead you but do not forget where balance and home is. Balance and home needs nothing more that stillness of being, acceptance fo where you are right now and the willingness to accept that you are safe at all times.

So how does this connect to your money issues? You current issues of money occurred because you choose to follow your desires without checking into to your centred self and find out if you really needed what you purchased or whether you were placating a fear within you. 

This is the lesson the debt is trying to teach you – not to handle money better but to be able to read your desires better. When your desires are grounded and centred within they flow naturally and all the resources you need are found easily, effortlessly and with the appropriate fiscal action to accompany it. Embrace this lesson and allow the time of repayments to be the new way you learn to express your wealth. Bless-sings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Winner # 25 -Angels guidance

Hello Angels

Here is the 25th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Joan asks:

I don’t know what to do about my spouse. We have been together almost 20 years
and my partner is more often than not, not in his power. This has manifested in, other than his career, if I don’t initiate, we never have intimate relations.
After much hope, hopes dashed, wear and tear this has deteriorated my emotional connection to him to a very small thread. We are not formally separated but I am in my home town with our children under the auspices of helping my elderly father and we have bought a house here vs. expensive renting so we do plan to stay a while.
I know I am not ready to make any decisions i.e. sell our house where he currently resides, him finding a new job here etc. we are several hours by plane between towns.
I am deeply overwhelmed with the thought of more change as we have uncharacteristically moved several times in 5 years for the sake of adventure and his work.

My teenager is really missing her father at present and I feel ready to cave to this sadness in her demeanour and we know he could easily get employment here, yet I am not ready to live with him yet, if ever. I know it sounds messy, but I know you know life can get complicated.
I would never regret having my children, but it goes back to our wedding
night when he did not initiate, nor seem interested in intimacy.  I did not understand this and we have been on a path to rectify this for many years.  As I am now post-menopausal and my body has changed our relations together have almost stopped.
His mother was sexually abused as a child and on and on and on and I am certain he is not gay. I have been on a spiritual path for many years and created well in many areas of my life but for this, I truly do not know what to do any longer.
I do love him as a friend; will always, but we are spouses, not brother and sister.
I appreciate any help you can relay.

The Angels reply:


Dear one – thank you for this question, it is more common than you think.  Your pain and confusion are plain to see in your email.

Firstly, we must begin with ourselves. All of your focus is on your disappointment and resentment about his failings and his inability to satisfy you on many levels. While we understand these feelings and how easy it is to make him and them the problem it is time for you to take responsibility for what you are feeling.

You are only prolonging the situation of uncertainty by focusing on other things more important to deal with than how you feel (we mean your father and daughter here).

It is an interesting rule of the universe that when we focus on what we are lacking we tend to get less and less of it in our lives. You are spending time seeing where your husband lacks. How can he be more fully the man he is when he is aware of his constant lack in your eyes? You have shrunk him to incompetence and he has become your creation. In a sense you are loving him in a reduced way – not in a full one.

If you wish to maintain the relationship you will need to do the following every day until you see change. These points made here are to be applied to both of you. Start by acknowledging you and then him in a journal. In time you will be able to do this towards him directly and openly and with a loving heart.

  • acknowledge all that is good in you and him
  • do this on a daily basis
  • release your resentment of the past
  • relase your resentment, anger and disappointment in you and him
  • practice forgiveness of you and him
  • discover where you feel reduced and unloved
  • allow him to love you the way he can without judgement and in gratitude
  • be grateful for all he provides in your life
  • see him through new eyes of love and care rather than judgement and disrespect

If you think there is nothing you can salvage in your relationship than do the above exercise for yourself and think on this:-

All this time you have been learning that love can be expressed in many different ways over the years of your marriage and also that for you – you still need to experience intimate lovemaking that is concentual and passionate. This is perfectly natural to want this more – especially as you do not have it your life.

It is like an open sore for you that will not heal. In your eyes you have done everything you can to reach your husband and find this passionate man within him. He has not shown this and it is time for you to take responsibility for what you need. If you are wanting more but cannot find it within your marriage you will need to search outside. We know that this pushes every button of fear within you because you do not want to be responsible for breaking up the marriage and appearing to be the one who is the selfish one. But can you not see that by creating distance between you with the current situation you are already creating the opportunity for this break in your marriage to happen?

You need to be honest with yourself first.

What do you really want?

You are afraid to name it and stand by it. This is your opportunity to do so.

We might add here that you are teaching your daughter to be dishonest with her feelings, because you are showing her this through your actions – so please do not stay in the marriage for your daughter’s sake. Children are very quick to understand when they are being used as the sacrificial lambs in a relationship.

We want to affirm – Yes if you make the choice for your needs above the others in this situation there will be fall out – but we might remind you that fall out is already happening by holding on and pretending.

We are seeing a lot of confusion in relationships and we wish to clarify this by saying, let go of what you think the roles of man and woman are, let go of what you think a loving relationship is about – these set ideas and beliefs are blocking Earth Angels from experiencing the fullness of love. Accept that you may be in a relationship that is not like others – and this is so – it is your relationship not someone elses!

The most important thing that Earth Angels have come here to learn and experience is LOVE. In all its permutations and expressions. If the love you are experiencing brings both partners equal joy then it is a beautiful thing to see, keep and treasure. Sometimes that love is for a long time and others it is only for a moment. All love will be known for the time it is meant to be. Each moment of love is a chance for the receivers (i.e. all parties) to be transformed into greater understanding of themselves and the power of love.

We hope that we have let you understand that we are not here to judge you – it is Earth Angels that judge themselves,  not us. We want only what is in your soul’s best interest allowing you to choose love above all else and offer our thoughts with total love and respect for you on your journey. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Winner # 22 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 22nd question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Jeanne asks:

What should my career path be at this stage in my life…in terms of my life purpose?  Do I continue as I am….or switch to something different?

The Angels reply:

Dear one – we thank you for this question. There is much confusion about what is meant by “life purpose”. In real terms all that you experience is part of your life’s purpose. The question you need to ask yourself when reviewing your life is this:

Are you repeating the same lesson over and over? 

If this is the case then you are needing to let go of the old way of doing things and start with a fresh approach to your life. This will enable you to bring in new experiences and discover new ways of being. Earth Angels are here to grow, to bloom more of themselves into the world. Imagine that when you arrived your life was a blank canvas.

How much of your canvas have you painted or drawn on?

If it is only a little, would you like to add more to this painting? Would this give you more joy do you think?

Most Earth Angels say ‘yes’ to these questions and then fear and confusion happens as they ask – but what? What do I put on my canvas?

And this is when we love to talk to Earth Angels because if you ask this question you will find that we will nudge you through your intuition, your dreams and your ‘random’ thoughts to become excited about possibilities.

So we ask you to recognize that you are already on your soul’s path and purpose – all you need do is ask – what is the next step? If the next step brings you joy – you are in your life’s purpose.

A better question to ask is – Am I living my life ‘on purpose?’

This question we can answer for you here. Living your life on purpose means being committed to your life as it unfolds and being present in each moment. Doing this will increase your satisfaction in life many times over. We suggest that you spend the next 3 months in your current position looking at what you do in the following way?

1) Does each action of your day bring you joy?  If so where? If not, why? This will give you some substance to the vague feeling you have now.

2) Go back to the last time you felt free and happy – what were you doing? How can you add more of this to your life?

After the next 3 months you will have some concrete ideas of whether you need to change and how. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels