Winner #1 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the first question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July….

Anna says: I have started a new job but I am not very happy. I thought it was going to be the job of my dreams, a great company etc, but it just feels like the same old, same old! How do I get what I really want?

Angels Reply:

Anna –  You have been choosing the same kind of jobs as before but you have changed. The job no longer fulfills your soul’s journey. We would like to see you use this job as the support you need to learn new skills. You are confused as to which direction you are going in. We want you to ask us for help. We will show you activities that make your heart sing. Nothing you are doing now will be wasted – you will use the skills you have but in a different way. Keep a dream journal, we will come to you in this form and give you the directions through your dreams. Blessings beautiful one.


Bless-sings from the Angels