Winner # 15 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 15th question the angels have answered in our promotion in July.

Gauri asks:

My questions for the angels are: have I met my true love/partner in this life? If so, then how will we finally come together? What vocation will give me enduring financial abundance and fame?

The Angels answer:

Dear one, we can hear the questions tripping from your mind the way a child dances excitedly when the time for a party approaches!

We draw your attention to this to remind you that when you ask questions quickly like that without spending time listening to your guidance you can sometimes feel disappointed with what happens. When you slow your questions down and focus on one you give yourself a greater opportunity to allow us to answer in more depth and enable your next step.

Of these three questions, the first two are the most important to your journey right now… and so it is these we will answer.

Earth Angels do not ask the right questions around this topic of and relationships at all! It is not important – is the person the one, the right person for me? T

These questions reflect your doubt in you! The doubt often in your mind that is at war with what your feel and know in the core of you. Instead ask these questions:

Does being with this person bring me joy? Do I feel enlivened by having this person in my life? Am I learning, growing and developing my capacity to love? Is life filled with colour when they are with me and grey when they are not?

If you can answer yes to these questions then the person is right for you in the now and that is all that matters. We need you to be happy being in the now, not constantly trying to recapture the past or project yourself forward to a time you hope will be better. This not living now in the love you have already created makes for a very unhappy now and future.

Love (and relationships) is not meant to be difficult and convoluted. Love is a beautiful thing to share together. If both of you feel the other brings you the most joy then you will naturally wish to gravitate together and experience life together.

If you are feeling doubt about this person then ask yourself why (journalling will help here). Why are you in doubt and fear? What is it about this person that makes you feel the way you do? When you get the answer – as in – s/he makes me feel ……… (what ever emotion it is) when they do ……..(their action), then you have the beginnings of the discussion you can have with yourself, your fear and us – and together we will get to the place of centred acceptance which will allow you to make the tight decision.

If you are in a relationship that is abusive or negative then you must let go and walk away for your own good and that of your partner. Walking away is the sign that you have come to love and respect yourself more than be needy of love.

Love is all around you beloved, you do not need a partner to know yourself as love and love. Connect with us more fully and you will understand more about this. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels