A question for the angels – What is darkness?

Hello Earth Angels

I have been pondering a question – what is the darkness? When we are seemingly in a hole? When things have closed down – a cycle of our lives finished  without signs as to where our next adventures lies – are we in the darkness?

The angels reply:

Darkness is an illusion. It is the shadow cast by your own light. You flow from light to darkness in order to find more of yourself, to express more of your being.

In the process of this journey you shed all that will no longer serve you on your journey. It feels like loss especially if you have attached yourself too strongly to these achievements. Some of the things you lose you will know you are ready for and they will go easily and with some relief. Others will hurt because you feel you are losing the best of you, or the part of you that is valuable to you. It is of course an aspect of the ego wishing to hold on.

Your heart and soul do not wish to hold still, they are on a journey of exploration through life and all human beings must all walk the ‘valley of death’ to the new pasture of life giving abundance that is the next part of your journey unfolding.

Darkness has many gifts to offer, but you will find that your friends and the world around you does not appreciate them fully. The reason for this is they are extremely personal gifts. It is in the darkness that our gifts develop and our understanding of ourselves grows. It is an inward journey and to fully experience it may mean separating from the world for a while.

Of course too much time in the darkness is not healthy and you need to keep a careful watch on your state of being.

Having said this darkness is a place where your fears hide; you face your aloneness and all-one-ness and you can become depressed especially if you deny your emotions of anger or hurt.

When you surface from this darkness, it is like coming out of the cave or being reborn into the world again and as a result you may be a little vulnerable; a little innocent, filled with sweetness and possibilities to create again in the world and see what your time of darkness can bring forth.

The key to being successful with this stage of your life is

  • to be gentle with the process
  • to allow yourself all the time you need
  • to connect fully with your intuition
  • to understand that others will try to stop you from taking this journey
  • shedding unnecessary baggage is part of the process
  • loneliness is possible
  • dark feelings are a sign you are getting to the new
  • this is a place of transition
  • this too will pass (as the Buddhists would say)
  • this is another ‘night of the soul’ – if it is attempted consciously it will surrender much wisdom to you
  • it will last as long as it must for you to understand all that is necessary for your next journey
  • these times of darkness announce new journeys in your life not just steps on the road

We hope these words have clarified this for you beloved.

Bless-sings from the angels



Birthing Ourselves in Love

Hello Earth Angels

I hope that you are well and filled with joy.

As I look around me (and at my own journey) I see many who are suffering and struggling in this moment – and so I finally remembered to ask the angels what is happening…

The Angels reply………

Dearest one

Firstly we admonish you lovingly – YOU ARE NOT ALONE… Everyone on Earth and much of the universe is focusing on the changes that are coming to Earth and her inhabitants.

We are here to help, to coach, to offer comfort, to be part of the cheering squad and the ‘mop-up-crew” when things get tense!

Everyone who is present at this time on earth put their hand up for the experience – and what an experience it is – the birthing of a new consciousness for you, your earth and the universe.

The impact of these shifts will reverberate around the Universe. It is very tense within you at present – and you are a little battle fatigued. It is ok to rest. To take time out… and it is especially helpful for you to go within yourself and be present with all the changes going on within you.

Each of you came to Earth at this time to experience the shift in consciousness through your key expression. Let us explain this.

  • If you are a physical person – into sports and lots of activity you will experience the shift through your body.You may get physical symptoms of imbalance – you may create physical accidents so that you can learn when to be still. You may have issues around your physical stamina and your main learning about this shift will come through your physical body. You will learn that you are more than your body. You are everything.
  • If you are a mental person – into education and thinking activities you will experience the shift through your mind.You may get mental symptoms of imbalance – you may create sever mental stress so that you can learn when to be still. You may have issues around your mental stamina and your main learning about this shift will come through your mental body. You will learn that you are more than your mind and your thinking. You are everything.
  • If you are an emotional person – into feeling and expressing yourself in emotional ways you will experience the shift through your emotions.You may get emotional symptoms of imbalance – you may create emotional crises so that you can learn when to be still , when to feel and release rather than hold on to the emotion You may have issues around your emotional stamina and your main learning about this shift will come through your emotional body. You will learn that you are more than your emotions. You are everything.

No matter your way to experience or express yourself during this shift you will find the changes begin in your comfort zone (one of those listed above) and spread to the shadow aspects of you (those above that you do not express) . This is because one cannot act outside of the wholeness of yourself for too long without a correction of energy.

You are here to experience LIFE through you … and ALL of you will be taking part even if some parts of you are more comfortable than others being ALIVE.

You are really in the process of birthing your true selves into the world. You are birthing the real and authentic you and doing it with the energy of all life – with love.

All that is not in the expression of true love is being released during this birthing process.

For women who know what childbirth is about.. you are in the unique position of birthing yourself and being birth helpers (if you so choose) to those who are unfamiliar with the ebb and flow of the process.

Women in childbirth know you do not keep pushing through every moment of labour. You push and then let go and stop, rest, regroup and get ready for the next contraction. You prepare yourself for the next step.

While you are in the birthing process it feels like it will never end, it will never get better and depending on your preparation and readiness to be a mother it can be a difficult experience. Always the choice is yours and this is true for this momentous time of consciousness as well.

Some may find the experience too overwhelming and leave before the whole birth process is complete. Others will leave because they have completed everything they set out to do and it is time to return home. All of you are on a journey to home. You are on the journey of coming home to yourself.

There is nothing to fear. In fact to fear is the worst thing you can do to yourselves as it will keep you in struggle, resistance and rebellion. The best action to take is to surrender unconditionally to the process.

You are here –  the changes will happen whether you will it or nay, so why not jump on the roller coaster and go for the ride of your life in radical trust?

Pass the controls over to your soul to manage – it is the part of you that knows what’s happening and can make the most of the experience for you. You will be fulfilled and happy in a way you have not been to date if you do.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 35 – Angels’ Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

This is the 35th question answered by the Angels in our promotion in July.

Lucia asks:

How could I know if my lovely chubby girl, who died 6 years ago, is among you? Thanks! Lucia.

PS  – Sofía my daughter died at age 2 with 2 months.

The Angels reply:

Beloved one – all Earth Angels return to the Source and as we are part of the Source and Angels – they return to us.

But something Earth Angels do not understand is that Earth Angels who have incarnated and left remain also with their earth family. You think this is not really possible because you are judging the non physical realms with these same requirements of the physical 3rd dimension.

Thoughts and feelings have wings beloved. When ever you think about your daughter with love she is with you – by this we mean, she is making her  presence felt to you, she is letting you know she is around you.

You can strengthen this bond by talking to her. We suggest you pick a certain time of the day to have a little chat with her and wait to see how she responds!

We would like to share here that Melody lost her twin brother in her mid 20’s but when he comes to here it is to play with her as the children they were in their infancy at a time before words were really part of their communication.

You also had this communication with your daughter and can continue it should you wish to share the love you have between you in this manner. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 34 – Angels’ Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the answer to question 34 from the Angels in our July Promotion.

Susan from Canada asks:

I have listened to your show through LOA radio Jewels. I have always know and loved angels but have not always listened to them because I second guess them. I am 52 years old and this is the first time in my life that I am living alone in a 1 1/2 apartment. In the space of less than 2 months, my daughter has gotten married and moved away. I’ve had to sell my home and not received any money for myself. I’ve been in a car accident and my angels have saved me even though they had warned me. I received news that I have gallstones. And in the pursuit of finding that partner companionship I’ve attracted 2 men who only wanted money for me. Also my cat is not doing well. Also life is such a struggle for me in the area of my finances.

Yes I know that I am grateful to still be alive and working on feeling joyful. My question to the angels and I do ask it but the answer eludes me is and I am thinking on how to phrase this.

All I ever wanted more than anything in life is to share my journey here on earth with the right man and not to complete me but as a partnership in life. I would like to know how can I go about this in the best way to be with him. How do we find each other. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart.

The Angels reply:

Dear one you have been going through a challenging time and we know that these are hard to maintain faith through. Even though you second guess us…Beloved, we need to say to you here that it is not us you second guess but yourself. This is what is causing the apparent slip ups in your life.  All earth angels are getting this training  – it is not really a lesson as such  – this sometimes implies there is something wrong with you or that you are not good enough. Imagine that you are going on a marathon – you would train for this, would you not? Earth Angels are learning and being trained to accept more love into their lives. That love always starts with the self. Anywhere you judge yourself to be lacking will be the place the training occurs.

You are being given a very clear opportunity to decide what accepting more love into your life will look like, this is why you find yourself at a threshold of change. We know you find it scary and we ask that you follow these simple steps.

1) When ever you start to feel panicky or disconnected – breathe deep into the belly, so that you can ground yourself. Panic does not happen when you are grounded – so know that a feeling of panic and distress are signs of disconnection. Your training will take longer in this state.

2) Remember at all times you are loved, by the energy of the Source all around you and by us, your angels. Feel gratitude and fullness for this love, let it fill you up until you are overflowing.This will enable you to appear less needy of love and therefore attract the needy to you less.

3) Build self-love strongly within yourself by yourself first off. This makes you highly attractive because you will then appear whole and full.

4) Let go of perfection in a mate. At each stage of your journey you have attracted to you the perfect mate for you. No one is ever not the perfect partner for you to learn and grow with. Accept you have chosen exactly the right partner at all times. You see you are seeing yourself as lacking, as not being a person able to make a good choice and so of course you are choosing those who may disappoint you – we hope you understand the subtlety of this comment.

5) Ask for the love that makes you happy and gives you joy. Ask to be shown all the steps to this person. If you are surprised by where we lead you, also be filled with joy and gratitude and delight at the adventure – we will not lead you astray, but we may lead you in a different direction to what you think is right for you! And this is as it should be , because your feeling is not the adjudicator here, your thinking mind is and in these matters it is flawed.

You are needing to practice radical trust,

  • in your ability to create something you have never done before
  • in asking for our help which we will give but will not be clearly defined before you embark upon it!

Can you not see what a wonderful adventure that is? Beloved one – blessings.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Winner # 13 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 13th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Gail asks:

I lost my husband very suddenly in November. Can the angels tell me if he is with me and watching over me ? And do I have an angel that watches over me ?

The angels answer:

Dear one, we know you are still in shock at your loss. We have always been around you, but it is now time to really connect with us and let us help you through this time.

We want you to take time to be with us and the best time is when you sit in the chair that is near the window and looks out at the garden. Please come to this chair, bring your tea or coffee and let us come in close so you do not feel so alone.

Each Earth Angel comes in with 4 angelic helpers but to begin with we will come to you only as one so that you will get used to us. You will recognise ua as a feminine presence and we will sit with you and we will be together at this time of contemplation. You need not ask if we are here – as we will always be so. Take time everyday for this, preferably at the same time in the same place – this helps you connect in with us and feel comforted and able to listen to the messages.

Your husband has visited you at times. He cannot always be with you but he will come if you need him. He asks that you put that favourite photo of him near your bed. He will come to you as you go to sleep for the next two weeks so that you can get used to knowing when he is around you.  He has not forgotten you, but please know that over time he will need to be doing other things so he may not always be able to be around you. This is as it should be. You may ask him questions and let him show you the answers via your intuition and dream state.

Beloved, know we are always with you and that this time that you are feeling so vulnerable as a soul is the place of opening and new directions, even though it does not feel like it on the earthly plane. Do not feel overwhelmed with making decisions, we are here to assist you. Do not push yourself to do more than you need. We bring you love beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 10 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 10th question the Angels have answered in our promotion in July.

A.U.  from Sydney asks:

My current concern is a job. I need a full-time job. Can I have a message in regards to this? I am a naturopath but Sydney is highly competitive and I have not find any job for over 1 year in this field so now I am looking for any full-time job and have applied to ALDI. I’d like to know if this is the right choice or not.

The Angels reply:

Dear one we can feel you despondency and it deeply saddens us. It is true you have tried to find work as a naturopath for some time. We do not want you to give up your desire to be a naturopath because this is an excellent place for you. The issue is not about the industry, it is about your belief in yourself. You trust your connection to the Source and yourself so little and you forget to ask us in to your life on a regular basis as a result your confidence is a tender shoot that finds it hard to speak up for itself.

So let us begin by saying we need you to take some actions to build your own confidence first and we would like you to do these daily practices between now and when the job interview comes about:

1) Daily we want you to imagine a ball of golden light filling your chest and throat – giving your more strength to feel confident and speak up for yourself.

2) We want you to visualise yourself working in retail and seeing your interaction with people getting better and better. We want you  to feel relaxed when you speak to strangers and smiling as you do so.

While the Audi job may result in an interview we would not suggest taking this position for more than a few months (as a confidence booster) while you prepare for other learning. Your skills and knowledge as a naturopath could be very beneficial to other forms of retail, pharmacy, health food stores, health clinics, beauty salons, hairdressers, health magazines, food manufacturers etc. Please broaden your idea of where you can use your knowledge so that we may direct you into the right position when the time comes.

We wish to stress here that no action taken is ever a failure – it is an opportunity to learn and nothing in the universe is ever wasted, it is collected, saved, recycled and reinvented. Take deep breaths of life in beloved.  Much love and blessings….

Bless-sings from the Angels