Winner # 4 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 4th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Magwheels4ever asks:

How do I know that angels are for real? Surely its all your fantasy –¬† maybe we should have you committed for hearing voices?

The Angels reply:

Firstly we must remind you of something that happened a few years ago. Do you remember when you lost control of your car in the national park and stopped only inches from going over the escarpment? We took control of the sterring wheel that day so that you would not get hurt.¬†Some might say that was a lucky break, but for those who believe in angels they would know it is our work. You see dear one, it matters not whether you believe in us or not, we are always there and always willing to protect. But for a moment, imagine this… how much easier your life would be if you asked us for help? How less lonely you would feel in the depth of you heart if you recognised us in your life? Thank you for your question dear one, it shows us you are questioning the life you have and this is a very good sign! Even if you are unaware you are never alone or unloved. We love you more than you will ever know and we are always with you. Blessings beloved.

Love and blessings from the angels


PS – As an angel intuitive we can occasionally receive questions of our ability and doubts about the truth of our connection. The angels are always loving, patient and non-judgemental. They believe that all of us will come to them in time. The first few times I encountered sceptics I was very disturbed and angry for the angels sake (my ego kicking in no doubt!) – but the angels response never waivered. They are Divine Love and Peace and I have seen so much of this come through from them to others that I could never doubt when I am in the presence of angels. it is a great privilege to serve with them, to have them as so much a part of my life. (Love and Bless-sings, Melody)