The shadow of your greatest gift.

Hello Earth Angels

As you know we come in with gifts, talents and attributes. Melody has been reviewing hers recently as she has made some changes in her lifestyle and there are still more to come.

Her greatest gift is her creativity and this life time she has explored many ways to express this creativity. She has been a professional singer, author, speaker, teacher and radio host to mention but a few. She is gifted with an unquenchable thirst to learn new things and practise them to a level of mastery that most people cannot be bothered with. She has been motivated to do this because she has needed to use her talent. Her talent is two-fold – to translate complex ideas and to facilitate understanding in others of things that are often complicated. This is the role of the teacher – firstly to learn oneself and then to pass on the learning to others. She has been a teacher of the creative arts, english as a second language, spiritual and creative journeys, self-development and how to live life more fully in terms of relationships, career choices and using your intuition.

To expand and utilise your gifts requires you to work

with the shadow of those gifts.

We would like to explain this in more detail.

Your shadow is not something to fear. Your shadow attributes are the fuel that gives light to what you have come here to express. Your pain and suffering propel you to move away from pain and suffering and choose joy and love but at another level it is the fuel that provides the energy for you to be propelled into the expression of your light. Therefore you can never be separate from it and you can never be better off without it.

You NEED the shadow and you need to become more efficient in transforming

its power to catapult you into new worlds.

As you can see there is subtly in this understanding. Remember Life is always abundant and efficient – there is never waste.

So let’s look at Melody’s ‘shadow aspects’ that help here express her gifts and talents.

Her gift is her creativity – her gift shadow is her amazing ability to come through difficulty.

Melody keeps putting herself in difficult situations so that she can express more of her creativity because difficult situations enable her to transform herself and re-create who she is. This is one of the reasons her professional career is so diverse.Each time she has transformed her difficult situation she has created something new and marvellous. Mostly the new and marvellous is a new understanding of herself and others that she is then able to utilise to teach others.

Her talent is to teach others and the specific teaching she has come to share is the process of transformation. To enable her to master her talent she has had to take many risks and put herself in many kinds of danger. By this we do not mean extreme sports, but she has if you like played extreme sports with her spiritual, emotional and mental health in order to understand experientially the capacity of human beings to re-invent themselves from trauma and abuse. Now of course she did not necessarily do all of this from a conscious viewpoint. It is the subconscious that carries many of these negative programs. But through negativity Melody has transformed more of her shadow into light and as the light has increased the understanding of her actions has happened as well.

It has resulted in Melody having a strong desire for peace, stillness and acceptance of herself and her world … and these are good desires to have.

For many years Melody did not understand her shadow and why she continually created places in her life for transformation, but a teacher of the transformational process needs to understand how transformation happens, break it down into teachable chunks and perfect the teaching so that others learn from the teacher’s learning.

Time and due diligence is required to gain expertise because as you continue to develop your skills you gain in mastery. Mastery enables you to enjoy the process, to do things with grace and ease and a deep sense of pleasure. 

Mastery transforms the shadow by accepting its place in your lives.

It is the expression of your individual purpose.

So while others may have a more stable life than Melody it will be because their gifts, talents attributes and shadows are different.

As soon as you become more interested in other people’s lives and compare yourselves with others the more ‘off track’ from your own life and reason to be here you become  – creating deep pain within. This wound will not be healed until you accept your journey first and focus on you. The pain does not disappear but your way of handling it means you do not ‘stay in the pain’. You recognise it, accept it and allow it to go back into the sea of your consciousness, blessed with healing and compassion. This is an element of being in the flow. Acceptance of self.Only from a place of acceptance can you take the right action to resolve it.

Getting back to Melody’s dilemma. Her risk-taking and ability to come back from difficulty. Melody is learning that the nuance of degree is the issue here.

Her risk-taking is necessary to her path, so she cannot deny this element of her being, however she does not need to be in a place of extreme risk-taking. She only needs to understand when and how much risk-taking she is needing in any given moment. By qualifying the amount of risk at each point of her life she can find ways to take the risk and understand the transformation without putting herself into a fight or flee circumstance every single time. Not all points of transformation need extreme conditions to be understood.

We hope this has been helpful.

Bless-sings from the angels



Winner # 36 – Angels’ Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 36th question the Angels have answered as part of our promotion in July (and yes we do realise it is August – just clearing the last of the questions for that month!)

Shalin asks:

First THANK YOU and Angels for this opportunity.   I have two desires…the deepest burning desire is Baptism in Holy Spirit, Remembrance, Connection at this level I am at.  I have been studying, trying,  praying , searching, begging for this   20  plus years  after miracle experience introduced me to A Course In Miracles.   Melody please ask Angels to tell me what am I doing incorrectly that I do not experience connection,  peace , joy, more than everything as promised in ACIM , Bible and many other revelations I’ve searched through. 
I am OVER 75 years old  and want this connection so deeply makes me cry writing this.  My Heart/MIND  aches for completion.  I want  to live it, radiate it to all not just talk it. Thank you again…. I am very grateful. Most especially Love , Shalin

The Angels reply:

Beloved one, we know your desire is the truth of your being. It has taken you many years to live and try all things to bring you to this point and we wish to say this.

If there is anything that is keeping you from this connection it is the desire for it and the belief that you must do something to attain it.

Hear these words in the depth of your being:

You are always and forever connected to Source, to God and

in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

You are regardless of what you believe or how you have judged yourself – LOVE.

You are never separate, you already are all that you desire and more.

When you accept – this is actually who you are – your experience of this revelation will be profound – but it may not be as you expect. Let go of all your expectations as to how this will feel and be in your life. Often enlightenment comes not with the big bang but the sly and gentle whisper that will not let your being go! Always with our blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 34 – Angels’ Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the answer to question 34 from the Angels in our July Promotion.

Susan from Canada asks:

I have listened to your show through LOA radio Jewels. I have always know and loved angels but have not always listened to them because I second guess them. I am 52 years old and this is the first time in my life that I am living alone in a 1 1/2 apartment. In the space of less than 2 months, my daughter has gotten married and moved away. I’ve had to sell my home and not received any money for myself. I’ve been in a car accident and my angels have saved me even though they had warned me. I received news that I have gallstones. And in the pursuit of finding that partner companionship I’ve attracted 2 men who only wanted money for me. Also my cat is not doing well. Also life is such a struggle for me in the area of my finances.

Yes I know that I am grateful to still be alive and working on feeling joyful. My question to the angels and I do ask it but the answer eludes me is and I am thinking on how to phrase this.

All I ever wanted more than anything in life is to share my journey here on earth with the right man and not to complete me but as a partnership in life. I would like to know how can I go about this in the best way to be with him. How do we find each other. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart.

The Angels reply:

Dear one you have been going through a challenging time and we know that these are hard to maintain faith through. Even though you second guess us…Beloved, we need to say to you here that it is not us you second guess but yourself. This is what is causing the apparent slip ups in your life.  All earth angels are getting this training  – it is not really a lesson as such  – this sometimes implies there is something wrong with you or that you are not good enough. Imagine that you are going on a marathon – you would train for this, would you not? Earth Angels are learning and being trained to accept more love into their lives. That love always starts with the self. Anywhere you judge yourself to be lacking will be the place the training occurs.

You are being given a very clear opportunity to decide what accepting more love into your life will look like, this is why you find yourself at a threshold of change. We know you find it scary and we ask that you follow these simple steps.

1) When ever you start to feel panicky or disconnected – breathe deep into the belly, so that you can ground yourself. Panic does not happen when you are grounded – so know that a feeling of panic and distress are signs of disconnection. Your training will take longer in this state.

2) Remember at all times you are loved, by the energy of the Source all around you and by us, your angels. Feel gratitude and fullness for this love, let it fill you up until you are overflowing.This will enable you to appear less needy of love and therefore attract the needy to you less.

3) Build self-love strongly within yourself by yourself first off. This makes you highly attractive because you will then appear whole and full.

4) Let go of perfection in a mate. At each stage of your journey you have attracted to you the perfect mate for you. No one is ever not the perfect partner for you to learn and grow with. Accept you have chosen exactly the right partner at all times. You see you are seeing yourself as lacking, as not being a person able to make a good choice and so of course you are choosing those who may disappoint you – we hope you understand the subtlety of this comment.

5) Ask for the love that makes you happy and gives you joy. Ask to be shown all the steps to this person. If you are surprised by where we lead you, also be filled with joy and gratitude and delight at the adventure – we will not lead you astray, but we may lead you in a different direction to what you think is right for you! And this is as it should be , because your feeling is not the adjudicator here, your thinking mind is and in these matters it is flawed.

You are needing to practice radical trust,

  • in your ability to create something you have never done before
  • in asking for our help which we will give but will not be clearly defined before you embark upon it!

Can you not see what a wonderful adventure that is? Beloved one – blessings.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Winner # 32 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 32nd question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Bambi asks:

35 years ago I met the man who makes my soul sing and we wanted to marry. Because he is black and I am white, the society around us made it impossible for us to be together. He left and married a brown girl, making it easier for him in society, but miserable for him at home as it was a poor match.  But he is a loyal and dedicated man who honors his promises, so he has stayed with her all this time, dedicating himself to his home and kids.I never married, but had a child on my own and devoted my life to raising her and getting my u. She is now on her own and successfully making her own life, and I have my PhD and a job I love. Next month, his youngest is leaving the nest for college and he has realized how short life is – too short to willingly live in a miserable relationship. He has let me know he would like to be with me, but he has a process to go through to sever from his past. We are not in communication right now as that would only complicate things at his end. After all these years, he still makes my heart sing. I feel I have waited my whole life just to share it with him. But I have fears and doubts because I have no idea what is going on in his life at the moment, and I wonder if he is strong enough to basically lose everything (property, savings, respect from his children and community – these are the things he feels he will have to deal with.) and move on. This is his journey now, but I feel like I am holding my breath, which makes MY life very uncomfortable. Will he make his way to me?
Thank you for any insight you can give me about this situation.

The Angels reply:

Love endures and can withstand much. This is one of the most valuable lessons love can teach Earth Angels.

You have held true to your love. Your fears are because you have been given hope that you life of unrequited love  (in the everyday sense) is soon to be over. In the past you thought that this would never be possible.

Love always finds its own level – and clearly the love you share is still present.

You are right to leave time and space for him to decide and act and go through the consequences of his action. On the surface he appears to have much to let go of – but in his heart he knows the truth. He has learned that love comes in many guises, one type of love is not better than another it is just different. He will need time.

You need to focus on what is in front of you now – and for the present he is not part of your life, so you need to focus on what is happening for you, your current life, your career, your friends. Keep this part of your life going – do not live in a vacuum of waiting.

Your time together will come. Bless-sings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 28 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 28th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Marieke asks:

I understand the higher dimensions  they are reality I feel myself more happy and yes I have an ask I wonder if I stay my live alone here in my nice little house I prefer and hope that I may have a full relation next deep friendship with one of my  friends also a loved balance with one of my friends I feel graceful with you..I thank you for calling me marieke

dear angels may I have intimacy  relation with paul I feel so yin-yang with myself and him..I never had before in my life and marieke

dear angels is it good for paul to have an intimacy relation with me also physical touchings marieke

Angels Reply:

Dear one – you are following the feelings that are between you and this is good. Enjoy all that the relationship will bring to you, moment by moment. Do not have fantasies as to where this feeling will lead. Let the emotions take you to where you need to go not your expectations. Your guardian angels are with you for protection. Allow your heart to open and feel love and joy with your relationship with Paul. Enjoy!  Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 25 -Angels guidance

Hello Angels

Here is the 25th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Joan asks:

I don’t know what to do about my spouse. We have been together almost 20 years
and my partner is more often than not, not in his power. This has manifested in, other than his career, if I don’t initiate, we never have intimate relations.
After much hope, hopes dashed, wear and tear this has deteriorated my emotional connection to him to a very small thread. We are not formally separated but I am in my home town with our children under the auspices of helping my elderly father and we have bought a house here vs. expensive renting so we do plan to stay a while.
I know I am not ready to make any decisions i.e. sell our house where he currently resides, him finding a new job here etc. we are several hours by plane between towns.
I am deeply overwhelmed with the thought of more change as we have uncharacteristically moved several times in 5 years for the sake of adventure and his work.

My teenager is really missing her father at present and I feel ready to cave to this sadness in her demeanour and we know he could easily get employment here, yet I am not ready to live with him yet, if ever. I know it sounds messy, but I know you know life can get complicated.
I would never regret having my children, but it goes back to our wedding
night when he did not initiate, nor seem interested in intimacy.  I did not understand this and we have been on a path to rectify this for many years.  As I am now post-menopausal and my body has changed our relations together have almost stopped.
His mother was sexually abused as a child and on and on and on and I am certain he is not gay. I have been on a spiritual path for many years and created well in many areas of my life but for this, I truly do not know what to do any longer.
I do love him as a friend; will always, but we are spouses, not brother and sister.
I appreciate any help you can relay.

The Angels reply:


Dear one – thank you for this question, it is more common than you think.  Your pain and confusion are plain to see in your email.

Firstly, we must begin with ourselves. All of your focus is on your disappointment and resentment about his failings and his inability to satisfy you on many levels. While we understand these feelings and how easy it is to make him and them the problem it is time for you to take responsibility for what you are feeling.

You are only prolonging the situation of uncertainty by focusing on other things more important to deal with than how you feel (we mean your father and daughter here).

It is an interesting rule of the universe that when we focus on what we are lacking we tend to get less and less of it in our lives. You are spending time seeing where your husband lacks. How can he be more fully the man he is when he is aware of his constant lack in your eyes? You have shrunk him to incompetence and he has become your creation. In a sense you are loving him in a reduced way – not in a full one.

If you wish to maintain the relationship you will need to do the following every day until you see change. These points made here are to be applied to both of you. Start by acknowledging you and then him in a journal. In time you will be able to do this towards him directly and openly and with a loving heart.

  • acknowledge all that is good in you and him
  • do this on a daily basis
  • release your resentment of the past
  • relase your resentment, anger and disappointment in you and him
  • practice forgiveness of you and him
  • discover where you feel reduced and unloved
  • allow him to love you the way he can without judgement and in gratitude
  • be grateful for all he provides in your life
  • see him through new eyes of love and care rather than judgement and disrespect

If you think there is nothing you can salvage in your relationship than do the above exercise for yourself and think on this:-

All this time you have been learning that love can be expressed in many different ways over the years of your marriage and also that for you – you still need to experience intimate lovemaking that is concentual and passionate. This is perfectly natural to want this more – especially as you do not have it your life.

It is like an open sore for you that will not heal. In your eyes you have done everything you can to reach your husband and find this passionate man within him. He has not shown this and it is time for you to take responsibility for what you need. If you are wanting more but cannot find it within your marriage you will need to search outside. We know that this pushes every button of fear within you because you do not want to be responsible for breaking up the marriage and appearing to be the one who is the selfish one. But can you not see that by creating distance between you with the current situation you are already creating the opportunity for this break in your marriage to happen?

You need to be honest with yourself first.

What do you really want?

You are afraid to name it and stand by it. This is your opportunity to do so.

We might add here that you are teaching your daughter to be dishonest with her feelings, because you are showing her this through your actions – so please do not stay in the marriage for your daughter’s sake. Children are very quick to understand when they are being used as the sacrificial lambs in a relationship.

We want to affirm – Yes if you make the choice for your needs above the others in this situation there will be fall out – but we might remind you that fall out is already happening by holding on and pretending.

We are seeing a lot of confusion in relationships and we wish to clarify this by saying, let go of what you think the roles of man and woman are, let go of what you think a loving relationship is about – these set ideas and beliefs are blocking Earth Angels from experiencing the fullness of love. Accept that you may be in a relationship that is not like others – and this is so – it is your relationship not someone elses!

The most important thing that Earth Angels have come here to learn and experience is LOVE. In all its permutations and expressions. If the love you are experiencing brings both partners equal joy then it is a beautiful thing to see, keep and treasure. Sometimes that love is for a long time and others it is only for a moment. All love will be known for the time it is meant to be. Each moment of love is a chance for the receivers (i.e. all parties) to be transformed into greater understanding of themselves and the power of love.

We hope that we have let you understand that we are not here to judge you – it is Earth Angels that judge themselves,  not us. We want only what is in your soul’s best interest allowing you to choose love above all else and offer our thoughts with total love and respect for you on your journey. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Winner # 24 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 24th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Elizabeth asks:

My husband is currently dating another woman I feel I have lost love for him yet he has to parent with me 3 little ones. How do I deal with the anger, resentment and fear?

Angels reply:

Dear one – Betrayal is always a very bitter act and emotional experience and we are saddened for you, your children and your husband (he is going to feel the effects of this so much longer in his life than you, dear one).

Betrayal can mask any love that is felt and so we are not surprised that you are feeling you have lost love for him – love and trust are so intertwined in a loving relationship. 

For the present we wish you to focus on you and looking after your children. We would like you to be able to find some time alone on a regular basis and preferably in nature. Nature (walks on the beach, bushwalking etc) will support you through this and give you the comfort and space to experience and express these emotions of anger, resentment and fear. We also ask you to connect into you, to where you have betrayed yourself by putting yourself last rather than first.

Earth Angels misunderstand when we say put yourself first, they think we mean  be selfish, we do not mean that. We mean you can not love others from an empty pot. You need to feel love for yourself before you can love others and give to them unconditionally. You have put everyone before you and so those who love you are doing the same. Of course with three little souls to look after we know that is easier said than done. We are not suggesting you stop loving and caring for them, we suggest that you make a small amount of time daily for you – and you alone. A space to nurture you and connect with us. Many of the things you do are taking longer time because you do not have our assistance – call us in to help you – your load will be lightened.

Remember beloved that you are responsible for how you feel, not your husband. So think not on revengeful acts or retribution. Think on learning to love and respect you and your time more fruitfully , and look after your dear ones. Bring in as much help as you can, be that from friends, family or professionals. You are not alone dear one, we are with you. You will find over time that this crisis was the beginning of you knowing you better and feeling more loved than you have ever felt in the past. Blessings, beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels