Winner # 6 – Angel Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 6th question the angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Patrice asks:

I feel I am happiest when I live a simple life yet another part of me senses (or judges?) that I am not realizing my potential to serve. Is it enough to serve life by being happy and peaceful in daily routines or is it time for me to commit to activities that will serve greater numbers of people? In other words, is it only my ego that thinks I need to do something visible and worthwhile in the world or does my soul path involve more devoted outward action? I would be so grateful for your wise guidance!

The angels reply:

Dear one, we are so delighted you ask this question because it is something that is worrying many servers of the Light. It is the question of finding balance between serving and being. Earth angels serve best when they have ample time to rest, relax and play. If you get stressed or overworked then it is easy to disconnect to your inner being and go off track. It is also true that if you live a life filled with love and presence in the moment you are always serving. The ego is not a ‘bad’ thing. The ego is a gift from the Source to help you have the courage to expand past where you are comfortable and try new adventures. Like the grain of sand in the pearl you are receiving the ‘rub’ on your current situation to push you into taking action – this is a good thing. We need all to take part at this time. To help others move out of fear and into love. You, my beloved are an exceptionally loving being and have a great capacity to share this love with others. Your fear is that if you go beyond where you are currently you will burn out and become disconnected from us. This can never be – disconnection from the source of love is an illusion. Your best yardstick beloved is to ask this – Will this action give me joy? Please remember you can still feel a little bit anxious and stretched and feel joy though! (big smiles from us here!) It is not us that insists the actions need to be HUGE, it is you that chooses that. Small steps taken regularly as a gentle unfolding can be the most effective. Earth Angels love to see the big vista – this is partly because you have felt disconnected from Source – but as we move more into Love there is less need for this. All you are really required to do is take the next step that feels joyful, that makes you feel happy and alive. Do that and you will have fulfilled your life’s purpose, served and remebered who you are. Now isn’t that a beautiful life? Love and blessings. beloved.

Blessings from the angels