Winner # 11 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 11th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

James asks:

Angels, could you answer my question about 2012 please? So many are talking about it being the end of the world with cataclysmic events coming. Some are hording food in preparation and “bunkering down” as though preparing for nuclear war, what do the Angels think of all of this?

The Angels reply:

Beloved there are many more years on the Earth than you will see – so please do not worry! One of the ways Earth Angels live is to write huge stories for themselves and then live them in technicolour. We are always in awe at your creativity Beloved ones. Every living being goes through transformations in consciousness and so too is the Earth and all upon her. But how you experience this to be will depend on what your personal perceptions of it will be.

This is why we are so keen for you to connect with us at this time, to help us re-calibrate your fear and anxiety into love, joy, acceptance and peace. These are the true states of grace and life. Much of the imbalance on the Earth is as a result of man’s inability to accept responsibility for his actions. This is not just a physical issue to do with overusing the earth’s resources, it is also an emotional one.

You are only just beginning to recognize that your emotions and beliefs are huge energy forces and you have been battering the Earth for centuries with these forces. Much of the personal and planetary healing is around clearing the collective consciousness of humanity, not clearing the Earth’s imbalances , for Mother Earth is at her core only pure love and totally aligned with the Galactic core and Source.

The very best way you can help yourself, your family, community, world and Earth herself is to practise the art of least harm and taking every opportunity to embrace joy, laughter and childlike glee in living on Earth right now in this moment!

Be playful, be loving, be caring of each other, this will do more to help everyone and every being than anything else. Let go of your fear of what might be, but has not yet become, for it is your fear that will create catastrophe. Thank those who suffer in place of you in earth shifts, acknowledge their love, their compassion and care for you in their selfless act, for if they were not there, it may be you.

No one who is on Earth at this time is without a role to play in this shift in consciousness. The sooner you remember your part, the sooner you can play in creating the shift into more love, more joy and more connection to the Source energy.

Thank you for asking this important question. Blessed be, beloved. Blessed be.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Asking the Angels for help with your health!

Hello Earth Angels

Well as you can see from my entry yesterday I was expecting to be off the air for a few days releasing a gastric bug that has hovered over me for the last 3 days!

Yesterday was the worst day.. and I have to say I was feeling very sorry for myself! I am not good at sickness, I dislike lying low and waiting until I feel better.

In the past I would not stop surging ahead until I got sick. These days I have learned to take what I call ‘mental and spiritual health days’ for the times when I am overwhelmed with living and need a quieter more contemplative connection with the presence of the Source and the angels.

In  fact I have to say the Angels now instruct me as to when I am needing rest and I follow their guidance implicitly. This stops me from over working and allowing my body what it needs – something I have not always been good at in the past.

So I was surprised and not a little put out to find I had a virus! As advised by my angels I self-administered activated charcoal tablets, sodium chloride and silica tissue salts and a flower essence blend called Self Heal from 

I slept 11 hours and I feel fantastic!

So why am I telling you this?

  • Because the angels will assist with all areas of our lives if we let them and will almost certainly give us the right directions to create rebalance.
  • The angels would of course advise a doctor’s or health practitioner’s expertise if symptoms persisted or if your symptoms changed for the worse or you felt at all uncomfortable.
  • The angels assistance is never about giving you more pain. They are always about loving and supporting you to your very best – and health is no exception.

I merely wanted to share this with you here so that you could see just how listening to your own guardian angels makes sense.

So as someone who rarely gets a virus, I was compelled to ask – WHY?

Here is the angels reply:

Every Earth Angel is currently having their energies recalibrated to enable them to accept more love and joy into their lives. This means letting go of old beliefs of pain, struggle, lack and despair. These are very stuck beliefs – they cannot be released fully unless we are asked by you to assist. You asked to have them removed and this ‘illness’ is the process we needed you to take to fulfill this task. Over the next 12-18 months there will be more of these recalibrations as Divine Love is more fully integrated into Earth Angels consciousness and beingness. It is a wonderful time ahead Beloved and you will be filled with joy. Life will be wonderful on a moment to moment basis. Earth Angels are going to see and know the magnificence of the Source in a completely new way and the feeling of homecoming will wash across the planet as Earth Angels remember who they are and how magnificent they are. We are here to help you. Blessings from us all….

Sometimes we get bigger messages than we expect….

Bless-sings from the Angels