Winner # 14 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 14th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Brenda asks:

I have been connected with the Angels for quite a while now and do Angel Card Reading for self and others. How do I use the gift of God to support myself? Thank you.
Peace and Love, Brenda

The angels reply:

Dear one, thank you for this important question – it is one many Earth Angels who serve others have not found the answer to yet. We would like to remind all Earth Angels that we are all part of the Source (or God) and angels have always been connected with you – but some of you have only recently found us. (VERY BIG SMILES here!)

We suggest you ask yourself the following question:

1) Am I willing to make radical change in my life to allow the space for this service (reading for others) to be my number one goal?

You see the service needs to come first before the income follows. Many followers of the light get confused with this and are still dealing with fears about being unsupported by the universal flow. Everyone who works with us in the capacity of serving must trust their intuition implicitly and act from it. This is the communication system that is between us. We give you the actions to take but often Earth Angels do not trust them and of course this leads to actions that do not support where your soul wishes to be, you get disappointed and then start to believe that you cannot do service without cost to yourself.

You can stop this self-defeating process by staying in tune even through your fear. All negativity is just a part of you that is fear based. so the next time you catch yourself wondering how can you make this work more financially viable – stop. Go still. Breathe and reconnect to your core and us. Thank the part of you that has asked this question. Acknowledge the fear, ask the fear if it has anything further to add, tell this part of you that you love it unconditionally and then ask us to step in to bring in light and love to the situation. Then go about your normal day. The answer to the dilemma will be to you in 5, minutes or hours. Always remember to give thanks.

We would also like to talk about this idea that intuitive skills are special and a gift from God. we would like to remind you that every Earth Angel has intuitive gifts and ALL gifts, talents and attributes are a gift from God-given in order that you may experience all that your soul wishes to complete in this lifetime. Gifts are not graded, as in some are better than others. Gifts are the Source in action through your lives. Embrace and love all of you, the good, the bad and the ugly. All is beautiful in God’s eyes. Much love and blessings from the angels, beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels