Winner # 21 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 21st question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Egle asks:
I am just finishing a job next September . I have taking care of mothers and babies after their delivery as a post partum doula. What happened is that my plan is to help for two or three months and then leave and help another family. But I had”t receive another new baby and mother to care, and I need the salary to keep myself, so I continued to work with the same family until the baby who is already one year and half go to the . I have no idea what is going to happen? May I continue doing the same job? Should I try any different ? I am finishing my thesis M A in women studies. Would like to work with women in the middle age like myself ( 64 years). Believe in angels and their protection. Looking for any signal what to do next.

The Angels reply:

Dear one. Your best work is as a post partum doula . You are so accomplished at this and give so much love to the whole family not just the young baby soul and so we want you to continue with it. We want you to start promoting your skills at baby health centres, schools, hospitals etc in your local area. We see you shining your light but hiding it under a bushel! It is time to let the world see who you are.  Please continue with your studies these are helping you grow enormously. We would like you to start a Wise Woman’s Circle in your local area. Initially it will be small. Make it a place where women can come together to take tea/coffee and chat about some of the things you have been learning  – it need only be a monthly meeting – this will not tax you at all. As you gather women together you will find new openings and opportunities. We will support your work on both levels beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels