Winner # 13 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 13th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Gail asks:

I lost my husband very suddenly in November. Can the angels tell me if he is with me and watching over me ? And do I have an angel that watches over me ?

The angels answer:

Dear one, we know you are still in shock at your loss. We have always been around you, but it is now time to really connect with us and let us help you through this time.

We want you to take time to be with us and the best time is when you sit in the chair that is near the window and looks out at the garden. Please come to this chair, bring your tea or coffee and let us come in close so you do not feel so alone.

Each Earth Angel comes in with 4 angelic helpers but to begin with we will come to you only as one so that you will get used to us. You will recognise ua as a feminine presence and we will sit with you and we will be together at this time of contemplation. You need not ask if we are here – as we will always be so. Take time everyday for this, preferably at the same time in the same place – this helps you connect in with us and feel comforted and able to listen to the messages.

Your husband has visited you at times. He cannot always be with you but he will come if you need him. He asks that you put that favourite photo of him near your bed. He will come to you as you go to sleep for the next two weeks so that you can get used to knowing when he is around you.  He has not forgotten you, but please know that over time he will need to be doing other things so he may not always be able to be around you. This is as it should be. You may ask him questions and let him show you the answers via your intuition and dream state.

Beloved, know we are always with you and that this time that you are feeling so vulnerable as a soul is the place of opening and new directions, even though it does not feel like it on the earthly plane. Do not feel overwhelmed with making decisions, we are here to assist you. Do not push yourself to do more than you need. We bring you love beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels