Winner # 35 – Angels’ Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

This is the 35th question answered by the Angels in our promotion in July.

Lucia asks:

How could I know if my lovely chubby girl, who died 6 years ago, is among you? Thanks! Lucia.

PS  – Sofía my daughter died at age 2 with 2 months.

The Angels reply:

Beloved one – all Earth Angels return to the Source and as we are part of the Source and Angels – they return to us.

But something Earth Angels do not understand is that Earth Angels who have incarnated and left remain also with their earth family. You think this is not really possible because you are judging the non physical realms with these same requirements of the physical 3rd dimension.

Thoughts and feelings have wings beloved. When ever you think about your daughter with love she is with you – by this we mean, she is making her  presence felt to you, she is letting you know she is around you.

You can strengthen this bond by talking to her. We suggest you pick a certain time of the day to have a little chat with her and wait to see how she responds!

We would like to share here that Melody lost her twin brother in her mid 20’s but when he comes to here it is to play with her as the children they were in their infancy at a time before words were really part of their communication.

You also had this communication with your daughter and can continue it should you wish to share the love you have between you in this manner. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Winner # 8 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 8th question the angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Suzanne asks:

My mother is in aged care facility and has been so for about 18 months. She is 90. Recently she has started to show agressive signs of Alzheimers and it is hard seeing her move away from us like this. She was always so vibrant and alert. She had an excellent mind and was a great thinker and wit. To complicate matters she is appearing to breakdown internally as well – with problems now with her heart and kidneys. I have a few questions 1) Does she know what is going on and is she in pain? 2) How can I best help her? 3) When is she likely to pass over?

The angels answer:

Dear one we acknowledge your love and concern for your mother as she prepares to pass to another dimension. She has always been the strong one and when you were growing up her strength was a matter of bitter feuding between you. Since she has been in the aged care facility you have learned more compassion and many of the hurts, prejudices and pains you have both experienced as part of your relationship have been healed. This is very good work on both your parts – and you in particular. Your mother knows what is happening at a soul level and this is the most important place of knowing at this time, however she may appear to be confused in her day to day reactions.

She is not is physical pain and for the most part she is quite comfortable in her condition. You have an important job to do in this time before she passes and that is to help her to let go of self judgement. You can do this by talking her through her past. By this, we mean share the ‘do you remember when… stories’ that were joyful or funny.

You mother will tend to sleep more and it is in these times – gently beside her bed, let her know how much she has been loved and how much she has delighted you.

When it is time for her to pass we will come to you and let you know… it is important for you to see the transition. It is a great privilege as a human being to witness the arrival or departure of a soul. There is always so much rejoicing in the spirit world when this happens. Please know your mother will be taken care of. Her family and friends await and even the animals that were part of her life wait for her as well. This is an emotionally heightened period of your life, embrace this and accept how much love you are capable of feeling – isn’t being an Earth Angel the most wonderful thing, Beloved?

Blessings from the angels