The shadow of your greatest gift.

Hello Earth Angels

As you know we come in with gifts, talents and attributes. Melody has been reviewing hers recently as she has made some changes in her lifestyle and there are still more to come.

Her greatest gift is her creativity and this life time she has explored many ways to express this creativity. She has been a professional singer, author, speaker, teacher and radio host to mention but a few. She is gifted with an unquenchable thirst to learn new things and practise them to a level of mastery that most people cannot be bothered with. She has been motivated to do this because she has needed to use her talent. Her talent is two-fold – to translate complex ideas and to facilitate understanding in others of things that are often complicated. This is the role of the teacher – firstly to learn oneself and then to pass on the learning to others. She has been a teacher of the creative arts, english as a second language, spiritual and creative journeys, self-development and how to live life more fully in terms of relationships, career choices and using your intuition.

To expand and utilise your gifts requires you to work

with the shadow of those gifts.

We would like to explain this in more detail.

Your shadow is not something to fear. Your shadow attributes are the fuel that gives light to what you have come here to express. Your pain and suffering propel you to move away from pain and suffering and choose joy and love but at another level it is the fuel that provides the energy for you to be propelled into the expression of your light. Therefore you can never be separate from it and you can never be better off without it.

You NEED the shadow and you need to become more efficient in transforming

its power to catapult you into new worlds.

As you can see there is subtly in this understanding. Remember Life is always abundant and efficient – there is never waste.

So let’s look at Melody’s ‘shadow aspects’ that help here express her gifts and talents.

Her gift is her creativity – her gift shadow is her amazing ability to come through difficulty.

Melody keeps putting herself in difficult situations so that she can express more of her creativity because difficult situations enable her to transform herself and re-create who she is. This is one of the reasons her professional career is so diverse.Each time she has transformed her difficult situation she has created something new and marvellous. Mostly the new and marvellous is a new understanding of herself and others that she is then able to utilise to teach others.

Her talent is to teach others and the specific teaching she has come to share is the process of transformation. To enable her to master her talent she has had to take many risks and put herself in many kinds of danger. By this we do not mean extreme sports, but she has if you like played extreme sports with her spiritual, emotional and mental health in order to understand experientially the capacity of human beings to re-invent themselves from trauma and abuse. Now of course she did not necessarily do all of this from a conscious viewpoint. It is the subconscious that carries many of these negative programs. But through negativity Melody has transformed more of her shadow into light and as the light has increased the understanding of her actions has happened as well.

It has resulted in Melody having a strong desire for peace, stillness and acceptance of herself and her world … and these are good desires to have.

For many years Melody did not understand her shadow and why she continually created places in her life for transformation, but a teacher of the transformational process needs to understand how transformation happens, break it down into teachable chunks and perfect the teaching so that others learn from the teacher’s learning.

Time and due diligence is required to gain expertise because as you continue to develop your skills you gain in mastery. Mastery enables you to enjoy the process, to do things with grace and ease and a deep sense of pleasure. 

Mastery transforms the shadow by accepting its place in your lives.

It is the expression of your individual purpose.

So while others may have a more stable life than Melody it will be because their gifts, talents attributes and shadows are different.

As soon as you become more interested in other people’s lives and compare yourselves with others the more ‘off track’ from your own life and reason to be here you become  – creating deep pain within. This wound will not be healed until you accept your journey first and focus on you. The pain does not disappear but your way of handling it means you do not ‘stay in the pain’. You recognise it, accept it and allow it to go back into the sea of your consciousness, blessed with healing and compassion. This is an element of being in the flow. Acceptance of self.Only from a place of acceptance can you take the right action to resolve it.

Getting back to Melody’s dilemma. Her risk-taking and ability to come back from difficulty. Melody is learning that the nuance of degree is the issue here.

Her risk-taking is necessary to her path, so she cannot deny this element of her being, however she does not need to be in a place of extreme risk-taking. She only needs to understand when and how much risk-taking she is needing in any given moment. By qualifying the amount of risk at each point of her life she can find ways to take the risk and understand the transformation without putting herself into a fight or flee circumstance every single time. Not all points of transformation need extreme conditions to be understood.

We hope this has been helpful.

Bless-sings from the angels



The deepest question..

Hello Earth Angels

Here are some words the angels asked me to share with you……..


In the roots of my being lives the oldest woman – knarled and withered, corpulent and wrinkled, she is timeless and eternal. Some would call her Crone. But this is not truly her – for she is before crone she’s as old as Earth herself. All goddesses sprout from her being she is patient, unconditional love.

Wisdom is her gift and knowing her reason.All of earth are born from her and all must return.

She and I sit and nameless, wordless, energies pass between us. Her eyes dark sparkling jets in her wrinkled overly round face. She misses nothing, judges naught and knows all. She is content I have come to spend time with her. As though from deep within herself, she brings forth a voice to speak…


“So daughter of my spleen, you finally visit me.”

I nod mutely.

“You seek what life has not divulged to you. You seek truth. You seek answers. You have searched the globe in time and space and now come to within. All must come to within, beloved daughter. Nowhere else does the answer you seek, sit. I see you have let go of all the tools you found on your path that you thought would help you. You have let go enthusiasm, persistence, focus, intention” she paused.

“You have even let go love, the hardest for you I know and now you are here. And here is where you give up your all. You give up knowing and wisdom – you surrender all of you that is prostrate, supplicant, all aspects of ego, laid aside. Beauty, kindness, caring for others and for self – these too are put aside.


To discover what, you ask?


Consciousness?  God?  The penultimate?


No beloved, even these must be put away here. Your journey is not complete. Yet you come to here because there is no other road you can take. This is where you meet yourself.


The mirror is a smokescreen – you exist yet you exist not!

In each moment you may express from your being whatever your wish or whatever feels to emanate from you. It is not yours and you are not it, you are the vessel, the carrier, the empty conduit.

Everything you think, feel, see and sense that comes through you

is IT flowing through you. What is IT?

It is life beloved.

Accept this as your knowing and be in peace. You will know no more than this. You will experience no more than this.”

“I understand this!” I cry in frustration. “But how does life have value anymore? How do I interact with it? How do I enjoy it?”


“Life IS IT, beloved daughter. Life plays through you and takes you on a journey. You thought it was Love, but you have had to let go of love and your perfected ideals of what love is and all you are  left with is Life.

 Life is IT!

You are moved on the pathway that already is. You are moved through life because LIFE is and IT lives through you. You will be gone in this form when you breathe your last breath.

To engage in life allow yourself to accept all that life offers you. Don’t fight life. Enjoy ALL experiences, do not label them or judge them – whatever the experiences, good, bad, indifferent or boring. Live your life from your deepest root. When you do this all that happens to you. Before you and through you can be viewed as a moving picture, an entertainment for you to experience.

Feel blessed by this and truly fulfilled by it.

Allow yourself to enjoy life and you will see it then as the miracle it is. 

Life is the miracle.

 Everything you see, want or think you desire is an expression of that miracle. When you understand the miracle there is only being –ness and peace will follow. Life will play through you and create tasks and experiences for you to take part in. Do them with as much joy and happiness as you can muster. Give thanks for the tasks.

Be in gratitude that Life still ‘sees fit’ to come through you in this form. Then you will have found what you seek.”

 She rested her chin on her ample chest and closed her eyes, as though the effort to speak with me had worn her out. But of course this was not true. It was the ‘IT” that had come through her to speak with me.

It was Life. It is Life. Life is IT.


I rose from the root of my being and began my day.  Life coming through me. This is why we are human be-ings – when we be we allow IT (life) to come through us.



I am life.

Life is me.

Life is IT.

Feelings and thoughts

Calmed into a

Deep sea of


Settled on the inside

Still on the outside




Bless-sings from the Angels


Win a LIVE Call with the Angels – August Promotion!

Hello Earth Angels

The Angels and I wish to advise that we are offering a competition in August!

To enter:

You must email me the following:

  • your question for the angels
  • why you think the angels are important to you
  • give one time when you were aware the angels helped you on your journey.

Email me at :

All entries must arrive by August 31st 2011 at midnight Australian EST

The winner will be pulled from all entries – the Angels decision is final.

The prize is:

 1 x  30 minute angel consultation valued at AU$75.00.

This gives you a chance to have an in-depth consultation with the angels and to work out a plan for your next step on your pathway.

(The time for this will be arranged between the winner and will be conducted over Skype.)

Get your entries in as soon as you can!

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 37 – Angels’ Guidance

Earth Angels

Here is the 37th question the Angels have answered in the promotion for July (that yes we are still answering in August!! (BIG SMILES)

Adam asks:

I enjoyed hearing you on Law of Attraction talk radio and I appreciate that you are doing this kind promotion.I have been told that I am intuitive/psychic (guess we all are) and I am working on developing that skill.  I tried to connect with my soul and heard the message “the house will sell” which put me at ease but then I started to wonder whether that was my mind saying that.

My question is there anything I can do to speed up the sale of the condo for the good of all concerned.  We have lowered the price and been told it is priced right.  We also had the energy cleared.  The condo shows well and everyone that comes to see it falls in love but we have not yet had any offers.  My wife is expecting in November so this would be an ideal (according to my mind) time to move and there are several houses we have seen that we would like to buy.  Notwithstanding this I try not to be to attached to the result so I don’t think it away.Thank you very much in advance. Adam

The Angels reply:

Dear one, Thank you for the opportunity to clarify a couple of things as well as answer your question.

We would like to begin with the issue of psychic skills and also self-doubt.

Every Earth Angel has psychic skills – these skills are in fact the tools we use to communicate and as every human being is an earth angel and has at least 1 angel guardian or companion therefore every earth angel has the capacity to utilise psychic gifts. Sometimes there is much conditioning and fear that blocks the use of these skills and as a result some Earth Angels only find they can connect after a major initiation through a time of extreme transformation, such as a death of someone close or an illness. Your resistance to developing these skills (and they can be used and developed in the same way muscles can if you are an athlete) is blocked by your self-doubt. Self-doubt is the product of the mind that most often processes things to be true by putting it through the following process:

According to the mind something is true when

  • I can see it
  • it is acceptable to the community at large i.e. mass consciousness accepts it as so
  • it does not harm my inalienable right to ‘be right’
  • it can be judged, dissected and seen to be what the mind says it is

You can see that this process would have some trouble with psychic skills and that is because they are the language skills of the heart and soul, not the mind and therefore from the minds perspective are to be treated with the utmost suspicion!(BIG SMILES HERE!!)

So looking at your question we can see that you have been listening to our messages for you on this topic – but we would like to illustrate more fully here.

Here are a few suggetions to keep the energy moving:

1) start packing all the things you will not need in the next few months.

2) start preparing for the birth of your child.

3) By the way, you have not consulted with your child as to when is the best time to move – do so and see what answers you get – you will find they are different to what you expect!

Enjoy where you are in the world right now…being ‘garden tenderers’ for the next great birthing in your lives. Enjoy being together. Let things take their course. A new soul entering the Earth space is a matter of great celebration in spirit and on earth, take the time to be fully present with this not simply rushing to have everything follow your plan. The most important ingredients are the souls in this birth, not the house. You have not yet seen your new home. While there may be a few that are in your price range, the one that will support all of you and allow you to grow in love and happiness has not yet presented itself to you… and until then you will have to wait.

Your child’s first steps will be in your new home. Be filled with gratitude at all that is and is to become. Blessings, beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 35 – Angels’ Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

This is the 35th question answered by the Angels in our promotion in July.

Lucia asks:

How could I know if my lovely chubby girl, who died 6 years ago, is among you? Thanks! Lucia.

PS  – Sofía my daughter died at age 2 with 2 months.

The Angels reply:

Beloved one – all Earth Angels return to the Source and as we are part of the Source and Angels – they return to us.

But something Earth Angels do not understand is that Earth Angels who have incarnated and left remain also with their earth family. You think this is not really possible because you are judging the non physical realms with these same requirements of the physical 3rd dimension.

Thoughts and feelings have wings beloved. When ever you think about your daughter with love she is with you – by this we mean, she is making her  presence felt to you, she is letting you know she is around you.

You can strengthen this bond by talking to her. We suggest you pick a certain time of the day to have a little chat with her and wait to see how she responds!

We would like to share here that Melody lost her twin brother in her mid 20’s but when he comes to here it is to play with her as the children they were in their infancy at a time before words were really part of their communication.

You also had this communication with your daughter and can continue it should you wish to share the love you have between you in this manner. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Winner # 34 – Angels’ Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the answer to question 34 from the Angels in our July Promotion.

Susan from Canada asks:

I have listened to your show through LOA radio Jewels. I have always know and loved angels but have not always listened to them because I second guess them. I am 52 years old and this is the first time in my life that I am living alone in a 1 1/2 apartment. In the space of less than 2 months, my daughter has gotten married and moved away. I’ve had to sell my home and not received any money for myself. I’ve been in a car accident and my angels have saved me even though they had warned me. I received news that I have gallstones. And in the pursuit of finding that partner companionship I’ve attracted 2 men who only wanted money for me. Also my cat is not doing well. Also life is such a struggle for me in the area of my finances.

Yes I know that I am grateful to still be alive and working on feeling joyful. My question to the angels and I do ask it but the answer eludes me is and I am thinking on how to phrase this.

All I ever wanted more than anything in life is to share my journey here on earth with the right man and not to complete me but as a partnership in life. I would like to know how can I go about this in the best way to be with him. How do we find each other. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart.

The Angels reply:

Dear one you have been going through a challenging time and we know that these are hard to maintain faith through. Even though you second guess us…Beloved, we need to say to you here that it is not us you second guess but yourself. This is what is causing the apparent slip ups in your life.  All earth angels are getting this training  – it is not really a lesson as such  – this sometimes implies there is something wrong with you or that you are not good enough. Imagine that you are going on a marathon – you would train for this, would you not? Earth Angels are learning and being trained to accept more love into their lives. That love always starts with the self. Anywhere you judge yourself to be lacking will be the place the training occurs.

You are being given a very clear opportunity to decide what accepting more love into your life will look like, this is why you find yourself at a threshold of change. We know you find it scary and we ask that you follow these simple steps.

1) When ever you start to feel panicky or disconnected – breathe deep into the belly, so that you can ground yourself. Panic does not happen when you are grounded – so know that a feeling of panic and distress are signs of disconnection. Your training will take longer in this state.

2) Remember at all times you are loved, by the energy of the Source all around you and by us, your angels. Feel gratitude and fullness for this love, let it fill you up until you are overflowing.This will enable you to appear less needy of love and therefore attract the needy to you less.

3) Build self-love strongly within yourself by yourself first off. This makes you highly attractive because you will then appear whole and full.

4) Let go of perfection in a mate. At each stage of your journey you have attracted to you the perfect mate for you. No one is ever not the perfect partner for you to learn and grow with. Accept you have chosen exactly the right partner at all times. You see you are seeing yourself as lacking, as not being a person able to make a good choice and so of course you are choosing those who may disappoint you – we hope you understand the subtlety of this comment.

5) Ask for the love that makes you happy and gives you joy. Ask to be shown all the steps to this person. If you are surprised by where we lead you, also be filled with joy and gratitude and delight at the adventure – we will not lead you astray, but we may lead you in a different direction to what you think is right for you! And this is as it should be , because your feeling is not the adjudicator here, your thinking mind is and in these matters it is flawed.

You are needing to practice radical trust,

  • in your ability to create something you have never done before
  • in asking for our help which we will give but will not be clearly defined before you embark upon it!

Can you not see what a wonderful adventure that is? Beloved one – blessings.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Meet the Angels LIVE at Creative Soul Cafe Radio Show!

Hello Earth Angels

Just letting you know that next Monday, August 01, 2011 at 5.00pm PST  I am LIVE with the Angels on my Messages from the Angels Show.

If you would like your questions answered on air – please check out the details at my radio show host page:

The rules of engagement are:-

1) Get your question clear – you may ask only one – and the angels suggest you try the one that you are worried about the most! Keep background details to a minimum.

2) Write it down in the chat box

3) The angels do the talking unless I interrupt! (Big Smiles)

4) If you are phoning in rather than coming to the program via Skype – you will be given a time for questions.


I look forward to being of service  and the Angels are really excited that you’ll be coming to have a chat!