Your F.r.e.e. Message from the Angels Promotion

Hello Earth Angels

Our first live show was a great success and the Angelic Realm would like to open that opportunity to you!

Each day for the rest of July I will answer 2 questions from readers on this blog absolutely free!

All you need do is put your question in the comments box below and I will choose 2 questions from the comments by 6:00pm Australian EST. The answers for your question will be posted as an entry on this blog.

How do you need to formulate your question?

When we are upset, anxious or worried about something it is hard to get any sense of clarity around the subject matter – so the angels suggest you do the following exercise to find the right way to word your question.

1) Become still and allow the question your heart wants the most clarity on to come to the surface.. breathe deeply from the centre of your heart as you ask the question –

‘what do I most want to know now?’

20 Give yourself a moment of breathing and then allow the question to formulate in your mind.. as it clarifies write the question down.

And there you have it – the question your heart most wishes to ask.

Post it in the comments section below and I will choose 2 questions to answer.

Bless-sings from the Angels and me