Winner # 18 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 18th question the Angels have answered on our promotion in July.

Sarah asks:

While I don’t now and have never experienced lack of the basic things I actually need in life to be comfortable, I have concerns about my purpose & financial well-being in the future. I feel like a “cat sitting and watching a mouse-hole” for ideas on what to do next with my life. Also, having some difficulty finding the balance between being generous to others in this time of economic imbalance & distress for many, and needing to be mindful of my personal well-being. In other words, my question is “What to do next, specifically with “me” (my sock puppet) in this life experience?” Thank you, Sarah.

The angels reply:

Dear one – our favourite Sock Puppet! It’s time for you to stop hiding behind your puppet theatre and come out and share with the rest of the world what it is you have learned being the Sock Puppet extraordinaire! (Big Smiles) Coming out from your favourite hidey hole takes determination and courage. You are staying there hoping that you will find THE perfect answer, THE perfect way to be and THE perfect answer for your life…. and you will if you let go of THE!!

We cannot stress loudly or longly enough that you are always on the right path for you .. not sometimes but always. This is because you are creating what you need in your life in any given moment that reflects your deepest concerns. If your deepest concerns are around lack and fear then you will create this easily and effortlessly. (You’ll be able to tell if this is correct by taking our ‘Angel Review” – our 1 question Review that tells you instantly if you are on the right track.)

The question is:

Does doing what you do bring you deep and bubbling JOY, beloved?

Now it may be that the action brings you joy but does not YET bring you wealth and prosperity – but you see that’s perfectly ok because the thing you are doing brings you joy – and the more joy levels you get in your life the more your life will yield the physical manifestation of money, prosperity and love. Can you see how this is all entwined?
There is a fine line between rescuing others and helping out – look at each situation individually and be guided by your intuition. Are you giving in order to feel better about yourself, or are you giving freely without attachment or desire? If in doubt ask us and we will help you come to a decision.

Beloved one last thing, the name you have given yourself – “sock puppet’ –  is not by accident. You do your best work when you bring humour, laughter and joy to others – think on how you might do that and the new direction will show itself. Blessings, beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels