Winner # 5 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 5th question the angels have answered in our pormotion for July.

Rita asks:

My 6 year old son is having trouble at school. He is being bullied by another boy. The school is aware of the problem and have put measures in place, but my son has changed. He is nervous and worried about going to school all the time and I am worried sick about him and how this will impact on his learning. What can I do?

Your son is very sensitive to others energy and so it is important to help him learn how to protect himself on the non physical planes. Firstly teach him about us. Tell him we will come to be with him if he asks. He does not need to verbalise this request – simply ask in his head.  He is not being bullied physically anymore but there is still a lot of emotional bullying happening and this is we believe even more dangerous than physical bullying because it stays in the psyche longer. He is such a beautiful open energy and he is learning that not everyone is as he is. Tell him to ask us ‘in’ as he goes to sleep and we will give him the tools in dream state to handle the situation better. Once he has had a few experiences of using these new tools to handle the bully and he feels successful he will start to relax more and be happier going to school. Spend a few moments each night with him (as he gets ready for bed) talking about your experience with the angels so that he can become accustomed to asking for our help. Love and blessings dear one.

Blessings from the Angels