Winner # 16 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 16th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Barbara asks:

I am a Reiki Master and have been working with Angels for a while, connecting others to their Guardian Angel. I have always been connected to my Angels, but never could get their names. Am I going about connecting others with their Angels the right way, (Angel Cards).  AND what are my Angels names?

The Angels answer:

Dear one, Thank you for these questions – they are common amongst Earth Angels and we will start with your last question first.

Angels have names that you as Earth Angels give us, therefore it is something that an Earth Angel and an angel must find out between them. It is a private affair and is a matter for you and your angel. We respect the rights of you and your angels to make this and will not interfere or suggest names to you. We will say that you have already been given the name of your angels but you are wanting confirmation outside of what you know for yourself – not only is this not necessary it shifts the vibration you are working with because it adds energy to your doubt. Deepen your connection to your angels and you will find the answer you need on this matter.

For those of you who have no idea as to what your angel is called, or whether the angel has an individual name, let us say it matters not to us. We are here in service and we wish to have connection with you. Often we are called by names that you have a special affinity to – a favourite name etc. Melody does not call her angels by individual names. Her guardian angels she calls ‘Her boys’ – which we think is quite fun (especially as 2 of us are quite feminine in nature!) and she works with a group of 12 angels who’s specific mission is peace on earth. Melody has worked with these angels many time before and they have been known to her for many lifetimes. Do not let needing to have a name stop you from connecting with us – this is often a mind game that blocks your development for you and is based in fear. We are part  of the Source AND you, this is the most important thing to remember.

Please remember the Angel Cards are a tool to help you get past your mind’s resistance to understanding anything outside of itself. DO not put power into the Angel Cards that is not there. The best contact and the one we recognize as helping the  most is the energy you recognise as Reiki. This is the energy of the universal flow and we are part of this. It is this energy (of the client) that chooses the card for them.

May we suggest that as you develop your Reiki practice more you will find new and easier methods for you to pass this information to the people who come to you for guidance. Your own angels will take you on the path of discovery if you ask them. With much love beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Winner # 12 – Angel’s Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 12th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Vicki asks:

I believe in Angels and I have tried to talk to my guardian angel but it won’t speak to me and give me its name! What do I do now?

The Angels answer:

Beloved we can feel your frustration and we have to smile!

Are you sure you have asked and not demanded? Okay, we will stop teasing you!! (big smiles)

You are demonstrating what often happens in the beginning. You are looking for an immediate and clear answer that would be the same as if you asked a question to a friend in the physical plane and they replied straight back at you. Such as ” What’s your name or who are you?” The common earthly reply would be ‘John or Maggie” etc. We are not able to answer like that unless you have your ears open to hear us. This is where we need to digress here and talk about intuition and psychic skills. 

Each Earth Angels has a different set of intuitive or psychic skills – we would like to affirm here that EVERY Earth Angel has these skills.  What you see in Melody (and others like her) is not greater intuitive skills than your own but more training with them. In the same way an athlete uses different muscles according to the sport he plays, intuitives also develop different intuitive skills as they develop, however there is always a first skill and it is usually either sight, hearing or feeling in the body. In Melody’s case her first gifts are hearing and feeling. Over time she has developed these to a high degree and now almost totally comes from a place of clair-cogniscence or intuitive knowing, while her sense of sight (while improved) is still the weakest.

So the  first question  for you is: what is your best intuitive skill? You may have an inkling of this by looking at the things you absolutely love, for example – if you are a musician then you will most likely be clair-audient; an artist, web designer of if you are into fashion and everything visual  – then you could be clairvoyant and if you are a dancer, or need to use your body in any way to learn anything, you make feel it first – making you clair-sentient.

Once you have this sorted  outyou can then apply this skill to finding out about your guardian angel. Like learning about any new friend allow yourself some time to do so. Get into the habit of allowing yourself 15 minutes on waking or 15 minutes before sleeping to go still  within and invite your guardian angel to come and talk to you.

Angels will use many methods to impart information to you, but we especially like, music, colours, flowers and plants, butterflies, feathers, daydreams, dreams and laughter and ‘aha’ moments. If you find yourself smiling or laughing for now apparent reason the likelihood is you are listening or taking part in the telling of an angelic joke! Just because you don’t know it on the physical 3D plane does not mean you are not taking part on some other one!

Please do not forget that we love to play and have fun. It is so important for all Earth Angels to take time to play, you will feel us closest to you then.

Thank you for asking us this question beloved. We are happy to be able to get you on track with your communication. PS – we will help you out – the name begins with the letter P! (Big Laughs here)

Bless-sings from the Angels