A question for the angels – What is darkness?

Hello Earth Angels

I have been pondering a question – what is the darkness? When we are seemingly in a hole? When things have closed down – a cycle of our lives finished  without signs as to where our next adventures lies – are we in the darkness?

The angels reply:

Darkness is an illusion. It is the shadow cast by your own light. You flow from light to darkness in order to find more of yourself, to express more of your being.

In the process of this journey you shed all that will no longer serve you on your journey. It feels like loss especially if you have attached yourself too strongly to these achievements. Some of the things you lose you will know you are ready for and they will go easily and with some relief. Others will hurt because you feel you are losing the best of you, or the part of you that is valuable to you. It is of course an aspect of the ego wishing to hold on.

Your heart and soul do not wish to hold still, they are on a journey of exploration through life and all human beings must all walk the ‘valley of death’ to the new pasture of life giving abundance that is the next part of your journey unfolding.

Darkness has many gifts to offer, but you will find that your friends and the world around you does not appreciate them fully. The reason for this is they are extremely personal gifts. It is in the darkness that our gifts develop and our understanding of ourselves grows. It is an inward journey and to fully experience it may mean separating from the world for a while.

Of course too much time in the darkness is not healthy and you need to keep a careful watch on your state of being.

Having said this darkness is a place where your fears hide; you face your aloneness and all-one-ness and you can become depressed especially if you deny your emotions of anger or hurt.

When you surface from this darkness, it is like coming out of the cave or being reborn into the world again and as a result you may be a little vulnerable; a little innocent, filled with sweetness and possibilities to create again in the world and see what your time of darkness can bring forth.

The key to being successful with this stage of your life is

  • to be gentle with the process
  • to allow yourself all the time you need
  • to connect fully with your intuition
  • to understand that others will try to stop you from taking this journey
  • shedding unnecessary baggage is part of the process
  • loneliness is possible
  • dark feelings are a sign you are getting to the new
  • this is a place of transition
  • this too will pass (as the Buddhists would say)
  • this is another ‘night of the soul’ – if it is attempted consciously it will surrender much wisdom to you
  • it will last as long as it must for you to understand all that is necessary for your next journey
  • these times of darkness announce new journeys in your life not just steps on the road

We hope these words have clarified this for you beloved.

Bless-sings from the angels



Peace – How can I help create it in the world?

Hello Earth Angels

Tumultuous times call for courageous actions if we are to create a world that is peaceful and harmonious – how do we do that in our world of disharmony, war, inhumanity and fear?

I have for many years been of the opinion that peace begins within and that it is our personal mission to work and create peace at this level first as well as spending time, effort and energy working on the outside world.

As we move forward to the International Day of Peace (Wednesday 21 September) each year I take my individual ‘peace audit’. This is to see how peaceful I am being in the world. I do this because I am at the centre of change and while I may be able to influence people I cannot change them – but I can change me and so I start with myself.

If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.
If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.
If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.
If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.
If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.

Lao Tzu

Many years ago now I read these famous and often quoted words and thought what can I do?

And so began my personal ‘peace audit.’

In the aspects of my world – inner and outer I give myself a mark out of 10.

For each sector I ask

‘ How much peace do I feel with this part of my life?’

The sectors I question are:

1) intimate relationships

2) family and friends

3) career and colleagues

4) money, prosperity and assets

5) reputation and recognition

6) health, physical, mental and emotional

7) creative expression or time for hobbies and fulfilment

8) spiritual balance  – religion if you are part of one

9) community

Once I have got my marks out of 10 – I choose the one I scored the least in and ask the following:

‘What action can I take today and for the next month

to make an improvement to peace within me?’

Sometimes it may be as simple as breathe more deeply or get 8 hours sleep a day or smile more at my neighbours.

Sometimes it is about doing a project that will add value to the community I live in – like helping to create jobs, or making others aware for the need to smile more as an action we can take to create peace.

It also can mean joining or supporting an organisation that supports peace.

For those of you who do not know me well – I promote and support Peace x Peace. You can find out more about them here: www.peacexpeace.org

What are you doing to promote peace in your world?

Why not take the ‘peace-audit’ and see where that action takes you – your angels will prompt you to take the necessary action – be assured of that.





Time for our authentic selves – what does that mean?

Hello Earth Angels

Today I spent time at a favourite blog of mine. The Art of Collecting Yourself by Rae Payne.   http://collectingyourself.wordpress.com

Rae’s blog was entitled Making Time for Making Art and here is my reply:

Oh Rae! This post was surely heaven-sent?

Yes it is time for us all to connect with what is totally and real -ly authentic within us… to listen to the ‘creative’ voice and give it expression for its own sake not because it will help our ego be recognised but simply because without giving it voice, right here and right now we will suffocate a little every day until our life becomes so inauthentic as to be a mask of ourselves.

As someone who has spent a lot of time justifying how and why I spend time with my talents – it is finally and absolutely liberating to be able to say:

I spend time with my creativity because I need to for my spirit.

I need to do this so:

  • I can breathe
  • have a life and generally be here.
  • I no longer have to apologise for doing this.
  • I am not being selfish I am expressing me.
  • I do not have to put my creativity aside or channel it into forms that are designed to help others.
  • I do not have to put others needs before me own.
  • I do not have to do everything else before I am allowed to spend time with my creative self.
  • I do not have to be ‘successful, earn an income, or be in the world’ to be my authentic self, I simply have to express me. 

So today I declare and choose my authentic creative expressive self first about all other things because when I do this I am

  • caring deeply for my soul
  • nurturing the deep void of my being, the darkness where my soul seed sits to germinate and bloom into my magnificent self.
  • feeding the part of me that has been so starved it has chosen to take in food to fulfill itself – and wondered why with this in appropriate substance it is always hungry.

It is a wonderful, magnificent thing to accept what it is that I came to do and do it with complete abandon and delight.

Yes Rae, you are so right – it is time!

Bless-sings from the angels


Angel Teachings #1 – What stops you having what you want.

Hello Earth Angels

The angels wish to share with you a lesson at this time.

We see such frustration in Earth Angels at this time because they are coming up against what stops them from having what they want – and they don’t know what is stopping them.

We would like to share what this is about here.

You are like the river bank and Life is like the river.

Life flows through you drawing you from your tiny beginnings as a brook into the deep flows of the river to your destination of oneness, the sea.

As a brook or young soul you bounce easily and lightly from stone to stone delighting in your new adventure, freely enjoying each and every moment.

Over time you get held back by you judgements and thoughts – they are the blocks, the stones, the branches and silt of your thoughts that muddy the waters of flow through your being.

They have their uses  – for how does a river widen and slow unless it has these blockages?

Slowing is perfectly fine – slowing is the patience to continue, to persevere and not give up when the journey is arduous but…. stagnating is not fine. Stagnating is a sign you are dying in the same spot. To overcome this you burn with frustration so that you have the energy to move forward, to grow and receive more of life.

Earth Angels are frustrated less because they are stagnant and more because they are not grounded in their bodies and life’s cycle. This is what happens when you remain in the head, when your mind takes over and does not work in harmony with Life.

This time you are currently going through is about bringing you to the truth of your reason to be here on earth; to remind you that

your purpose is to live joyfully in the present and with purpose.

If you do this you are always in the flow of the river, no matter where on the river you are and frustration becomes effortless grace and ease.

This is your journey. Embrace it and enjoy it!

We hope this has been useful to you.

Bless-sings from the Angels


The deepest question..

Hello Earth Angels

Here are some words the angels asked me to share with you……..


In the roots of my being lives the oldest woman – knarled and withered, corpulent and wrinkled, she is timeless and eternal. Some would call her Crone. But this is not truly her – for she is before crone she’s as old as Earth herself. All goddesses sprout from her being she is patient, unconditional love.

Wisdom is her gift and knowing her reason.All of earth are born from her and all must return.

She and I sit and nameless, wordless, energies pass between us. Her eyes dark sparkling jets in her wrinkled overly round face. She misses nothing, judges naught and knows all. She is content I have come to spend time with her. As though from deep within herself, she brings forth a voice to speak…


“So daughter of my spleen, you finally visit me.”

I nod mutely.

“You seek what life has not divulged to you. You seek truth. You seek answers. You have searched the globe in time and space and now come to within. All must come to within, beloved daughter. Nowhere else does the answer you seek, sit. I see you have let go of all the tools you found on your path that you thought would help you. You have let go enthusiasm, persistence, focus, intention” she paused.

“You have even let go love, the hardest for you I know and now you are here. And here is where you give up your all. You give up knowing and wisdom – you surrender all of you that is prostrate, supplicant, all aspects of ego, laid aside. Beauty, kindness, caring for others and for self – these too are put aside.


To discover what, you ask?


Consciousness?  God?  The penultimate?


No beloved, even these must be put away here. Your journey is not complete. Yet you come to here because there is no other road you can take. This is where you meet yourself.


The mirror is a smokescreen – you exist yet you exist not!

In each moment you may express from your being whatever your wish or whatever feels to emanate from you. It is not yours and you are not it, you are the vessel, the carrier, the empty conduit.

Everything you think, feel, see and sense that comes through you

is IT flowing through you. What is IT?

It is life beloved.

Accept this as your knowing and be in peace. You will know no more than this. You will experience no more than this.”

“I understand this!” I cry in frustration. “But how does life have value anymore? How do I interact with it? How do I enjoy it?”


“Life IS IT, beloved daughter. Life plays through you and takes you on a journey. You thought it was Love, but you have had to let go of love and your perfected ideals of what love is and all you are  left with is Life.

 Life is IT!

You are moved on the pathway that already is. You are moved through life because LIFE is and IT lives through you. You will be gone in this form when you breathe your last breath.

To engage in life allow yourself to accept all that life offers you. Don’t fight life. Enjoy ALL experiences, do not label them or judge them – whatever the experiences, good, bad, indifferent or boring. Live your life from your deepest root. When you do this all that happens to you. Before you and through you can be viewed as a moving picture, an entertainment for you to experience.

Feel blessed by this and truly fulfilled by it.

Allow yourself to enjoy life and you will see it then as the miracle it is. 

Life is the miracle.

 Everything you see, want or think you desire is an expression of that miracle. When you understand the miracle there is only being –ness and peace will follow. Life will play through you and create tasks and experiences for you to take part in. Do them with as much joy and happiness as you can muster. Give thanks for the tasks.

Be in gratitude that Life still ‘sees fit’ to come through you in this form. Then you will have found what you seek.”

 She rested her chin on her ample chest and closed her eyes, as though the effort to speak with me had worn her out. But of course this was not true. It was the ‘IT” that had come through her to speak with me.

It was Life. It is Life. Life is IT.


I rose from the root of my being and began my day.  Life coming through me. This is why we are human be-ings – when we be we allow IT (life) to come through us.



I am life.

Life is me.

Life is IT.

Feelings and thoughts

Calmed into a

Deep sea of


Settled on the inside

Still on the outside




Bless-sings from the Angels


The Angels and Creativity

Hello Earth Angels

A little reminder – there are angels all around you.

Another little reminder – your were born to create.

Yet another little reminder – you create best when you engage with a greater power, when you accept that you are creating with us and the God force.

Here is a very beautiful experience of the creative explained.


Enjoy, be blessed.

Bless-sings from the angels


A New way of looking at a familiar parable.

Hello Earth Angels

I had a ‘visit’ this week from Archangel Raphael.

Here is the  gist of what happened:-

Archangel Raphael asks: ‘Please retell the parable of the Prodigal Son with your new understanding.’

 Melody replies: Now I was a bit surprised by this instruction because I am not a big reader of the Bible on a daily basis – but I do know the story of the Prodigal Son and so I thought on this as I prepared my breakfast… thinking what is it that this story is telling us…


Traditionally the story tells us that the Prodigal Son goes off with instructions from his Father and gets waylaid by his own wayward sense of adventure and does not complete his Father’s instructions, in fact disobeys them. When he finally does return to his home – his Father accepts him back into the fold without recrimination or judgment. He treats him only with love.


So how does this parable work for those of us who are not following the Christian tradition?

This is what I would like to share with you – as I shared with Archangel Raphael yesterday…

 We are the Father of our own being. To re – member ourselves as love means to accept the return of all our prodigals sons, those parts of ourselves we have judged and found unworthy, for they are wandering in the wilderness wishing to come home to us, not in pain but in the knowledge of how miraculous love is.

Accepting all of our self is the

ultimate love we can offer the world.

If we are everything we see – as in if the world is our mirror –  then we are the terrorist, murderer and rapist, the conman and the beauty queen, the philanthropist and the beggar.

We are all of whatever we have labelled and judged. Our sense of what is right and wrong is what stops us from accepting all. We have categorised and elevated some things over others and what we see as wrong we have rejected and sent out to the wilderness. It is time for us to recall these parts of ourselves and be whole. Oneness is the beingness of love and balance and it happens to the individual and the world follows suit.

 If your world is showing you division and distress then it is a reflection of your inner world.

 Archangel Raphael  smiled with great love  “Yes beloved, So how would you heal this?

Melody replies:

1) I would start by writing a list of all of the opposites of what I think I am – for these would be my shadow selves and parts of me I have rejected.

2) Then in meditation –  I would invite all parts of myself to the table of love – for example – Invite in my fearful self, my sad self, my hurt self

3) And then I would explain that they are all loved and tell them they are loved for themselves and the understanding they bring and that they do not need to be in the wilderness anymore – but are now in the mansions of me – their (father or mother)


Archangel Raphael speaks:

Very well done Melody!  Do this and let others know how this is to be done.

 Melody advises some tips for the exercise:

1)Do not go too fast with this exercise – you may need a few attempts at is because of course when you integrate the aspects that you have rejected you may feel the pain of rejection on  the physical body as an ache – so do not do too many integrations that will make you feel uncomfortable.

2)Take plenty of water,

3) be gentle and use emergency essences if you feel uncomfortable.

4) Know there will be tears of release and you may also need to sleep as well.

 What outcomes have I noticed by doing this exercise?


  • A deeper peace and feeling of connectedness
  • A clearer view of my current situation
  • A willingness to be present rather than in anxiety

Do I think it is worth doing? 


If you are interested to let me know how you get on with this exercise then please email me at: creativesoulcafe.angels@gmail.com or leave a message on this blog.


Bless-sings from the Angels