The shadow of your greatest gift.

Hello Earth Angels

As you know we come in with gifts, talents and attributes. Melody has been reviewing hers recently as she has made some changes in her lifestyle and there are still more to come.

Her greatest gift is her creativity and this life time she has explored many ways to express this creativity. She has been a professional singer, author, speaker, teacher and radio host to mention but a few. She is gifted with an unquenchable thirst to learn new things and practise them to a level of mastery that most people cannot be bothered with. She has been motivated to do this because she has needed to use her talent. Her talent is two-fold – to translate complex ideas and to facilitate understanding in others of things that are often complicated. This is the role of the teacher – firstly to learn oneself and then to pass on the learning to others. She has been a teacher of the creative arts, english as a second language, spiritual and creative journeys, self-development and how to live life more fully in terms of relationships, career choices and using your intuition.

To expand and utilise your gifts requires you to work

with the shadow of those gifts.

We would like to explain this in more detail.

Your shadow is not something to fear. Your shadow attributes are the fuel that gives light to what you have come here to express. Your pain and suffering propel you to move away from pain and suffering and choose joy and love but at another level it is the fuel that provides the energy for you to be propelled into the expression of your light. Therefore you can never be separate from it and you can never be better off without it.

You NEED the shadow and you need to become more efficient in transforming

its power to catapult you into new worlds.

As you can see there is subtly in this understanding. Remember Life is always abundant and efficient – there is never waste.

So let’s look at Melody’s ‘shadow aspects’ that help here express her gifts and talents.

Her gift is her creativity – her gift shadow is her amazing ability to come through difficulty.

Melody keeps putting herself in difficult situations so that she can express more of her creativity because difficult situations enable her to transform herself and re-create who she is. This is one of the reasons her professional career is so diverse.Each time she has transformed her difficult situation she has created something new and marvellous. Mostly the new and marvellous is a new understanding of herself and others that she is then able to utilise to teach others.

Her talent is to teach others and the specific teaching she has come to share is the process of transformation. To enable her to master her talent she has had to take many risks and put herself in many kinds of danger. By this we do not mean extreme sports, but she has if you like played extreme sports with her spiritual, emotional and mental health in order to understand experientially the capacity of human beings to re-invent themselves from trauma and abuse. Now of course she did not necessarily do all of this from a conscious viewpoint. It is the subconscious that carries many of these negative programs. But through negativity Melody has transformed more of her shadow into light and as the light has increased the understanding of her actions has happened as well.

It has resulted in Melody having a strong desire for peace, stillness and acceptance of herself and her world … and these are good desires to have.

For many years Melody did not understand her shadow and why she continually created places in her life for transformation, but a teacher of the transformational process needs to understand how transformation happens, break it down into teachable chunks and perfect the teaching so that others learn from the teacher’s learning.

Time and due diligence is required to gain expertise because as you continue to develop your skills you gain in mastery. Mastery enables you to enjoy the process, to do things with grace and ease and a deep sense of pleasure. 

Mastery transforms the shadow by accepting its place in your lives.

It is the expression of your individual purpose.

So while others may have a more stable life than Melody it will be because their gifts, talents attributes and shadows are different.

As soon as you become more interested in other people’s lives and compare yourselves with others the more ‘off track’ from your own life and reason to be here you become  – creating deep pain within. This wound will not be healed until you accept your journey first and focus on you. The pain does not disappear but your way of handling it means you do not ‘stay in the pain’. You recognise it, accept it and allow it to go back into the sea of your consciousness, blessed with healing and compassion. This is an element of being in the flow. Acceptance of self.Only from a place of acceptance can you take the right action to resolve it.

Getting back to Melody’s dilemma. Her risk-taking and ability to come back from difficulty. Melody is learning that the nuance of degree is the issue here.

Her risk-taking is necessary to her path, so she cannot deny this element of her being, however she does not need to be in a place of extreme risk-taking. She only needs to understand when and how much risk-taking she is needing in any given moment. By qualifying the amount of risk at each point of her life she can find ways to take the risk and understand the transformation without putting herself into a fight or flee circumstance every single time. Not all points of transformation need extreme conditions to be understood.

We hope this has been helpful.

Bless-sings from the angels



2 thoughts on “The shadow of your greatest gift.

  1. Hi Melody – Great Journeys read alike! I’ve also ‘ended up’ travelling a different Path from ‘most’ – full of all sorts of twists and turns that took me through, as I came to understand it – a ‘spiritual manual of Mastery’. I came to understand THAT was the Purpose of the experience – although in the early stages it was not where I thought I was heading or ‘co-creating’ at all! I was perplexed and very confounded by what I was actually experiencing, instead of the road I thought I was setting out on.

    I had to discover my experiences were about developing spiritual qualities, stamina and reslilience and they had nothing to do with interpretations (or perceptions) of “success” or “failure” or “status” or “abundance [read wealth and success]” that was the promise of so-many pop-new-age ‘affirmations’ of the day.

    (Unlimited abundance being posed as the ‘reward’ of ‘getting your journey “right” ‘.)

    [Nature has amazing, superb disciplines in her abundance, and ebb and flow in her rhythm – “unlimited abundance coaching” was … well … let’s just say profoundly misguided, in my view.])

    Certainly, the outcomes for my life tasks (my choices for risk and path-taking) were not appearing or feeling “rewarding”!. For quite a long time it was the ‘PR’ ego issues that were excruciating – as well as the internal struggle and turmoil – of the growing pains.

    I’m still not – ‘on the surface’ of it a ‘model’ of a successful life in typical ‘western society’ terms; career and finacial positioning et al. But I am a deeply wise, committed, loving and insightful ‘crone’ on the journey of assisting transformation at this time on the planet. I felt supported every inch of the way by ‘informed intuition’ – a sense of Higher Purpose – gleaned mostly in meditation over the years. I gained insights that I wrote down – I have many of those writings I’ve accumulated over the years that still fill me with awe, new awe every time I go back to them.

    I am noticing more and more – how many of us are beginning to emerge out the other side of these tumultuous times – with these path stories. Full of life-giving richness to share, and confidence in a meaningful life being the wealth we need now.

    Thank you for sharing yours – and reaching out with it. Blessings right back, Connie.

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