A New way of looking at a familiar parable.

Hello Earth Angels

I had a ‘visit’ this week from Archangel Raphael.

Here is the  gist of what happened:-

Archangel Raphael asks: ‘Please retell the parable of the Prodigal Son with your new understanding.’

 Melody replies: Now I was a bit surprised by this instruction because I am not a big reader of the Bible on a daily basis – but I do know the story of the Prodigal Son and so I thought on this as I prepared my breakfast… thinking what is it that this story is telling us…


Traditionally the story tells us that the Prodigal Son goes off with instructions from his Father and gets waylaid by his own wayward sense of adventure and does not complete his Father’s instructions, in fact disobeys them. When he finally does return to his home – his Father accepts him back into the fold without recrimination or judgment. He treats him only with love.


So how does this parable work for those of us who are not following the Christian tradition?

This is what I would like to share with you – as I shared with Archangel Raphael yesterday…

 We are the Father of our own being. To re – member ourselves as love means to accept the return of all our prodigals sons, those parts of ourselves we have judged and found unworthy, for they are wandering in the wilderness wishing to come home to us, not in pain but in the knowledge of how miraculous love is.

Accepting all of our self is the

ultimate love we can offer the world.

If we are everything we see – as in if the world is our mirror –  then we are the terrorist, murderer and rapist, the conman and the beauty queen, the philanthropist and the beggar.

We are all of whatever we have labelled and judged. Our sense of what is right and wrong is what stops us from accepting all. We have categorised and elevated some things over others and what we see as wrong we have rejected and sent out to the wilderness. It is time for us to recall these parts of ourselves and be whole. Oneness is the beingness of love and balance and it happens to the individual and the world follows suit.

 If your world is showing you division and distress then it is a reflection of your inner world.

 Archangel Raphael  smiled with great love  “Yes beloved, So how would you heal this?

Melody replies:

1) I would start by writing a list of all of the opposites of what I think I am – for these would be my shadow selves and parts of me I have rejected.

2) Then in meditation –  I would invite all parts of myself to the table of love – for example – Invite in my fearful self, my sad self, my hurt self

3) And then I would explain that they are all loved and tell them they are loved for themselves and the understanding they bring and that they do not need to be in the wilderness anymore – but are now in the mansions of me – their (father or mother)


Archangel Raphael speaks:

Very well done Melody!  Do this and let others know how this is to be done.

 Melody advises some tips for the exercise:

1)Do not go too fast with this exercise – you may need a few attempts at is because of course when you integrate the aspects that you have rejected you may feel the pain of rejection on  the physical body as an ache – so do not do too many integrations that will make you feel uncomfortable.

2)Take plenty of water,

3) be gentle and use emergency essences if you feel uncomfortable.

4) Know there will be tears of release and you may also need to sleep as well.

 What outcomes have I noticed by doing this exercise?


  • A deeper peace and feeling of connectedness
  • A clearer view of my current situation
  • A willingness to be present rather than in anxiety

Do I think it is worth doing? 


If you are interested to let me know how you get on with this exercise then please email me at: creativesoulcafe.angels@gmail.com or leave a message on this blog.


Bless-sings from the Angels



4 thoughts on “A New way of looking at a familiar parable.

  1. What a beautiful post, Melody, and thank you Archangel Rafael!
    Haven’t we all judged others as severely as we have judged ourselves!
    It truly is time to embrace our shadow selves and heal…. a confronting exercise but oh so liberating. Victoria x

  2. Very true Victoria!
    And with this process it is so simple to do, yet all the while creating profound change within ourselves. Please feel free to come back and let us know what you have understood by the process.


  3. Melody, I learnt several things from this valuable exercise and came to several conclusions, mindblowing in their simplicity:

    * I learnt that Energy follows thought, so whatever we think about is what we invest energy into. It is our Intention that directs the energy.

    * Every time we judge others, we direct that same energy inwards to oursleves. Remember the universal law, as without, so within.

    * Spirit recognizes free will and honours our right to choice. However, it does not recognize judgment as judgment evolves from the mind and EGO, not the HEART. Spirit does not recognize anything that is away from the HEART.

    Whenever we choose to go away from heart (i.e. invest our energy in judgment), Spirit does not interfere, as it must honour our right to choice. However, when we do make the decisions to come back ourselves (i.e. back to HEART), it rejoices, welcoming us back with open arms, like the Father and the Prodigal Son.

    This feeling of coming back to Self is not only heartwarming, it is unmistakable. And no matter how often we stray, we are welcomed back again and again. Isn’t that fantastic?!!!

    Victoria x

  4. Great insights Victoria! The beauty of sharing our experiences is that in doing so we enrich our own understanding and become wealthy recipients of understanding, transformation and sharing. Blessed be! Mx

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