Winner # 37 – Angels’ Guidance

Earth Angels

Here is the 37th question the Angels have answered in the promotion for July (that yes we are still answering in August!! (BIG SMILES)

Adam asks:

I enjoyed hearing you on Law of Attraction talk radio and I appreciate that you are doing this kind promotion.I have been told that I am intuitive/psychic (guess we all are) and I am working on developing that skill.  I tried to connect with my soul and heard the message “the house will sell” which put me at ease but then I started to wonder whether that was my mind saying that.

My question is there anything I can do to speed up the sale of the condo for the good of all concerned.  We have lowered the price and been told it is priced right.  We also had the energy cleared.  The condo shows well and everyone that comes to see it falls in love but we have not yet had any offers.  My wife is expecting in November so this would be an ideal (according to my mind) time to move and there are several houses we have seen that we would like to buy.  Notwithstanding this I try not to be to attached to the result so I don’t think it away.Thank you very much in advance. Adam

The Angels reply:

Dear one, Thank you for the opportunity to clarify a couple of things as well as answer your question.

We would like to begin with the issue of psychic skills and also self-doubt.

Every Earth Angel has psychic skills – these skills are in fact the tools we use to communicate and as every human being is an earth angel and has at least 1 angel guardian or companion therefore every earth angel has the capacity to utilise psychic gifts. Sometimes there is much conditioning and fear that blocks the use of these skills and as a result some Earth Angels only find they can connect after a major initiation through a time of extreme transformation, such as a death of someone close or an illness. Your resistance to developing these skills (and they can be used and developed in the same way muscles can if you are an athlete) is blocked by your self-doubt. Self-doubt is the product of the mind that most often processes things to be true by putting it through the following process:

According to the mind something is true when

  • I can see it
  • it is acceptable to the community at large i.e. mass consciousness accepts it as so
  • it does not harm my inalienable right to ‘be right’
  • it can be judged, dissected and seen to be what the mind says it is

You can see that this process would have some trouble with psychic skills and that is because they are the language skills of the heart and soul, not the mind and therefore from the minds perspective are to be treated with the utmost suspicion!(BIG SMILES HERE!!)

So looking at your question we can see that you have been listening to our messages for you on this topic – but we would like to illustrate more fully here.

Here are a few suggetions to keep the energy moving:

1) start packing all the things you will not need in the next few months.

2) start preparing for the birth of your child.

3) By the way, you have not consulted with your child as to when is the best time to move – do so and see what answers you get – you will find they are different to what you expect!

Enjoy where you are in the world right now…being ‘garden tenderers’ for the next great birthing in your lives. Enjoy being together. Let things take their course. A new soul entering the Earth space is a matter of great celebration in spirit and on earth, take the time to be fully present with this not simply rushing to have everything follow your plan. The most important ingredients are the souls in this birth, not the house. You have not yet seen your new home. While there may be a few that are in your price range, the one that will support all of you and allow you to grow in love and happiness has not yet presented itself to you… and until then you will have to wait.

Your child’s first steps will be in your new home. Be filled with gratitude at all that is and is to become. Blessings, beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



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