Winner # 33 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 33rd question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Andrew asks:

I’m have a question on better connecting with the angels and asking for there help in my day-to-day life. There have been times when I have asked the Angels for help and their response was fast and very noticeable but most of the time when I ask angels for help even if it is something small, It seems as if they are not there. I look for their messages, signs and help but most of the time I feel so alone! If there something I can do to attune myself more for their answer. Also in asking for there help it is a better way for me to ask to get better results?

The Angels reply:

Thank you dear one for this question. We are greatly anxious for more of you to connect with us and so we are happy to answer this question.

We begin by saying this – as your guardian angels we are with you all the time. Let us repeat  – ALL the time. We never leave you.

We will always help you if you ask. We might like to add here that Earth Angels tend to judge the help we give. (Big Smiles) Let us explain this here. You recognize our help when the incident is bigger than you – i.e. if we save you from harm, or help with a new job, or romance request and if something is going well and is what you expect. You are not so good at seeing things you judge as bad, or disappointing to your expectations of being the work of the angels – and yet – guess what? We are helping out in all circumstances. So why are we helping you feel disappointed?  Well firstly we are not responsible for your feelings, this is something you regulate and control but we are responsible for looking after your life blueprint and seeing that you have the experiences that support what you have come into life to experience and express. In this we do not waver for this is the role of guardian angels.

We wish to inform you that angels, just like humans have very many different career options, talents and attributes and it is important to ask the right ones to do the job! You would not go to a lawyer to fix your hot water system would you?  Nor would you stand in the middle of the street and say ‘Help me!’ Without explaining what kind of help you want. We need to point out here that – ‘help’ does not mean – ‘do it for you!!’

 So Earth Angels can increase their connection with us by doing the following:

  • Be specific with your intention – ask for help and what kind of help you would like
  • Call in your career angels for work on your career, your health and guardian angels on matters to do with your health, cupid and the romance angels for work with your relationships etc
  • Remember we are infinite in number – we can assist all who ask us. There will never be a shortage of angels to help and neither do you have only a limited number of requests per Earth Angel.
  • Remember we are always working for your highest good – that may mean saying ‘no’ to what you think is your truest desire, if that is not in alignment with your highest good.
  • Because we are not physical and we are often needed to connect with you in a physical way to get your attention – we use signs. Each Earth Angel has their own sensitivity that we plug into to get the answers to you. Look to your own strengths and talents. If you love colour – we will connect to you through this. If you like numbers and science we will use these tools.
  • We would appreciate if you could develop your psychic skills so that you can use them more readily. These enable us to come to you through visions, conversations and feelings. Angel intuitives use these skills.
  • We always use dreams because these are more likely to stay with you in the consciousness of your day.
  • We also use intuitive promptings.
  • We use odours to let you know we are here.
  • We use colours that are not able to be seen by the naked eye, but can be seen in meditation.
  • We love to use sound, your favourite tunes etc We played with Melody for a few weeks once by using this method. Everywhere she went an obscure piece of classical music would be playing. We did this to let her know we are everywhere and anywhere and we are always with you.

To improve you connect to us we need you to desire this. We need you to start by inviting us into your home for the purpose of getting to know us. It is best if you do this at the same time of day initially – and also that you prepare the space for us with a ritual, such as lighting a candle or sitting in a favourite chair. We ask that you take to keeping a journal for these communications.

All of these efforts will connect you more clearly to our messages for you. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels




2 thoughts on “Winner # 33 – Angels Guidance

  1. I really loved reading this communication tonight. I am defnitely going to be tuning in on my own “angel radio” and preparing a place in my life for them. I have always felt watched over and protected, but I want very much to take a more active part in our relationship. The list of suggestions for preparing not only myself but my physical space is really a great way to begin!

    Blessings and gratitude.

  2. My daughter will be soon moving to New York to attend grad school and I’ve been so worry, because so far she hasn’t find a place to stay. My question is she going to be safe?
    What can I do to help her?
    I pray and ask GOD to protect her and I feel comfort after the prayer, but then I feel extremely anxious specially at night, just thinking about it.
    Can you please ask the Angels to watch over her?

    Thank you

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