Winner #31 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 31st question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Kymberly asks:

I have been struggling for direction since my son Chase died. I know that I have the heart of a care giver and encourager, and I am especially drawn to the elderly and hospice. I have been going to college to seek my degree in Gerentology with a minor in Medical Admin. I just feel completely lost. I want to be a help and be of service to those in need, but feel I have lost my direction. Am I going in the right direction or should I be changing directions? Doing something completely different? I just feel like I am missing a part of my heart… and I keep seeking for it to be filled… even looking to a past love to help fill it… I am seeking my angels help.. but I am so lost I don’t know if I would hear what they are saying to me. Please Help?

The Angels reply:

Beloved you are so filled with grief you cannot find the joy in anything around you and so your direction seems pointless and empty. This is perfectly normal. It is not normal to lose a child before a parent goes – it seems to turn the world on its head – and so of course you would be feeling as you do.

The biggest thing you need at the moment is time. Time to heal and time to accept and let go of your loss.

You know we see a lot of Earth Angels who hold on to their pain around loss and we see the main reason Earth Angels do this is because of fear. The fear is that you will forget the loved one, that the everyday of life will take over and you are afraid that person and all the love you have experienced will never be replaced.

But love is not like that beloved, love is who you are and you are surrounded by it at all times in the very air that surrounds you. Your hole in your heart is because you think love is finite and has gone and so Earth Angels contract their hearts.

When you go through loss it is the time to open your heart more – for the pain in your heart to be because you are stretching to embrace more love not contracting because you think you have lost love.

You have not lost your son, Chase is still with you – he is just not here on the physical plane. He is like us. We are here too but we are not on the physical plane. Everything his life was about he completed and he did so because you loved him.

Your first steps are to:

  • acknowledge that you have not lost him
  • allow yourself to receive love from us – invite us in, allow us to offer you comfort
  • allow yourself to be human – if you need affection and love from an old lover and it is being offered without conditions, take it. Know that it is for your healing and accept is as this.
  • continue with your studies these are very important and it is the direction you are meant to go on. These older souls will help you with your healing. Many of them have gone through it – you will not feel as isolated if you share your stories.
  • do not make you loss the thing that defines you – you are more than your loss, you are love.

Love knows loss and endures. 

Love knows loss and expands and opens to more love.

This is the real healing and this is the real understanding of loss. When you have understood that, think on how many souls you will be able to assist through your work with that understanding, beloved. We wish you peace. We wish you love.

Bless-sings from the Angels


Melody suggests: You may find that flower essences can assist and support you in this grief process. There are many varieties. You do not say where you are from, but flower essences from your own country are very helpful if you can ge them. If not try Bach Flower as the first place to begin. An emergency essence or rescue remedy would be most helpful initially. Take care and nurture yourself. Bless-sings


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