Winner # 30 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here s the 30th question he Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Gary asks:

Hello Melody,  Currently the new buzz word is “Quantum” as is in quantum thinking, jumping and parallel dimensions.  Some of it seems like just a new spin on the existing information.  My question particularly is that: –  Are there infinite parallel dimensions in which we are playing out roles in infinitely different experiences, and if so, can we travel to these dimensions in our meditation and learn from our otherselves there?   Many thanks.

Angels Reply:

Dear one – Thank you for this question – it is worthy of much more space than this blog will allow – but we will try to be brief! There is so much more to the universe than Earth Angels currently accept as real – are we not proof?? (BIG SMILES!!!)

The truth is Earth Angels are only limited by their collective consciousness and their fear of the unknown! If they were ready and willing to accept with love –  whole dimensions of knowledge would be made available to them not just as a theory but as an experience.

The Laws of the Universe hold all dimensions in place but it is not a solid veil between each dimension that keeps everything in place, it is the collective consciousness that does this.

When Earth Angels experience other dimensions as dreams, entities, or other aspects of themselves and recognize them as real (even though they appear not to be physical) Earth Angels will have a better understanding of the universe and their role within it.

All dimensions are one and available at all times. For some Earth Angels the non-physical worlds are a rich tapestry to play within. All dream states are places where you inhabit. This is why there is so much information held within a dream state if the Earth Angels wishes to see it is so. Authors of Science Fiction and Mystery are travelling often to other dimensions, as are historical writers. The way to imagine this best is to think of a patchwork quilt. Time is not linear – it is now and each one of the squares on the patchwork quilt is an alternative you in other times, spaces and dimensions. Every act that you take impacts on every other square. This is why we are so keen for you to understand presence. Presence enables you to move across these squares and consciously impact upon all of your lives. It enables you to bring the riches from other dimensions forward to this life in the physical.

However, we must warn here that while it is fun to quantum jump and get more skills, attributes and talents from other dimensions of yourself – there is the danger that you will spend more time doing this than dealing with the talents, attributes and life lessons you have brought with you for this lifetime – so we ask that you be careful with your playtime in these other dimensions. If you imagine all of these aspects of yourself are the full potentiality of your existence – you will see how overwhelming it would be to have access to all of it at any one time – especially in your current dimension. Your mind is a wondrous thing – but it is a delicately balanced mechanism and needs to be treated with respect, love and careful consideration. By all means learn how to expand your thinking and your openness to other dimensions – but do not over tax it. It is far less robust than your body and needs gentle handling.

We would like to answer your comment

“Some of it seems like just a new spin on the existing information.”

Life is constantly expanding and yet it is whole and already one. Therefore some would say there is nothing new in the universe – and to this we would say – ‘Yes that is true!’ And yet as we come across something that to us is new, we are interacting with it and changing it be our interaction – therefore it is also new!

Are you not filled with wonder at the universe Earth Angels?  Is it and we not simply the most miraculous? Blessings Beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



One thought on “Winner # 30 – Angels Guidance

  1. Gary’s comment is attached here:
    Hi Melody,

    Thank you for being sure I saw the answer, and thank you so much for taking the time to obtain the responses.

    The answer was very interesting and as usual, one answer leads to 10 more questions. They confirmed much of what I already know or have heard or considered, if you understand what I mean. But in this case I wanted to go right to the source to confirm whether this perspective is correct regarding the multiple realms and dimensions. I have heard that time is not linear and the quilt example is a great analogy. So it is good they confirmed something that I want to learn more about. And I appreciate their comment about not spending too much time quantum jumping or in other realms and instead deal with the challenges we are here to address. Actually that point is what I am writing about in my next book, that we are here to learn and grow based on what we set up when we decided to come here. That is not a new concept but I feel that many books and fads these days are trying new methods to obtain information and get you what your heart desires, but in the end its about facing your fears and confronting challenges you created here to learn from.

    The second part they discussed is also how I already believe and feel. I know that when we view something from a different perspective that some people say it changes, and yet we change. In many ways, just try a new approach. I have heard some people say this is all new as part of the quantum thinking, and I thought, wait, Dr, Phil and Tony Robbins have been saying that for 20 years. That is what I meant by some of this is old information. But true, anytime we see something differently or from a different perspective it provides new insight to us. As you know I have a chapter on perspective in my book saying the same thing.

    So again, thank you for the insight and taking the time to answer this question! It is fascinating!

    Warm regards,


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