Winner # 26 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 26th question the Angels have answered in out promotion for July.

Victoria asks:

I’ve had 2 very powerful dreams, two nights in a row. I was wondering if the angels can help me decipher them: On the first dream, I was seated at a wooden rectangular table and bench on my own, just outside a caravan that served hot dogs and hamburgers. There was a tarpaulin over my head, so I was in the shade. I was comfortable and in a good space. In the dream, I was ticking off what I wanted from the menu, which I held in my hands, except instead of food, there were luxury items on it, like clothing, shoes, perfume, etc. I knew I had no money on me, and I was aware that my credit cards had “maxed out”, yet I continued to tick things the things that I wanted.

In the second dream, I had a home in the mountains, surrounded by tropical rainforest. I came down from my home to a small beachside town, not unlike Kuta in Bali. I just wanted to explore the town and get in amongst “humanity” for a while. I arrived at a restaurant and joined a bunch of young people in their twenties for a meal and a few drinks. I remember sitting next to a young guy that looked like a surfer on a wooden rectangular table and bench seats, not unlike the bench set in the first dream. There was a perspex glass plate that separated our table from the beach. We then noticed the seas getting quite rough, with the waves coming in closer and closer. before we knew it, there were huge tidal waves rolling towards us, one after the other. The surfer next to me was in a panic and screaming as the waves came in. He was getting quite battered by the waves. Surprisingly, I managed to remain quite calm, just ducking my head when the waves crashed against the perspex glass and over us. I just ducked my head when that happened, but managed to remain safe. As the waves got larger and more threatening, I decided it was time for me to seek higher ground and go back to my home in the mountains. The dream ended with me making my way home.

These dreams come at a time when I am trying to get my finances in order and paying off all my debts. I have become very frugal, not spending anything on luxuries, and simplifying my finances. I thank the angels for their help and I send them my love. I thank you and send you my love too. Victoria

Angels Reply:

Loved one – we adore when you work with us and your creativity to work out what is troubling you! Dreams are one of the main ways your Guardian Angels help you on a daily basis to make sense of your greatest creation on earth – your life  and the possibilities open to you.

Each dream is a bit different so we will answer each one if we may.

Dream 1:

You are recognising that you love and desire things of beauty and luxury and you are wondering how you can receive these when everything on the outside appears to be telling you that you cannot have it – the place, the maxed out credit cards etc You say you were content and that you continued to tick off the things you wanted. This is to advise that the time of frugality is passing and secondly that your perception of your needs is rules by your desires – which you need to get more into alignment with. There is a disconnect from what you really desire and what you think you can currently have – in other words you are judging your desires and blocking them from coming to you.

Dream 2:

Your dream is very interesting  because it so clearly is telling you that when you remain calm and centred everything is ok. When you trust that all is ok – it will be – no matter what it may look like to others. The young man sitting next to you shows you two things – one how you used to react and how far you have changed your understanding – and secondly when you are in fear the thing you fear will overtake you and stop you from taking the right action – which was to realise it was time to go home to safer ground (i.e. go home to yourself)

When you put the two dreams together we get the following advice from your guardian angel.

Be aware that your desires are necessary to keep you moving and growing and by all means follow these forward to where they lead you but do not forget where balance and home is. Balance and home needs nothing more that stillness of being, acceptance fo where you are right now and the willingness to accept that you are safe at all times.

So how does this connect to your money issues? You current issues of money occurred because you choose to follow your desires without checking into to your centred self and find out if you really needed what you purchased or whether you were placating a fear within you. 

This is the lesson the debt is trying to teach you – not to handle money better but to be able to read your desires better. When your desires are grounded and centred within they flow naturally and all the resources you need are found easily, effortlessly and with the appropriate fiscal action to accompany it. Embrace this lesson and allow the time of repayments to be the new way you learn to express your wealth. Bless-sings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels




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