Winner # 24 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 24th question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Elizabeth asks:

My husband is currently dating another woman I feel I have lost love for him yet he has to parent with me 3 little ones. How do I deal with the anger, resentment and fear?

Angels reply:

Dear one – Betrayal is always a very bitter act and emotional experience and we are saddened for you, your children and your husband (he is going to feel the effects of this so much longer in his life than you, dear one).

Betrayal can mask any love that is felt and so we are not surprised that you are feeling you have lost love for him – love and trust are so intertwined in a loving relationship. 

For the present we wish you to focus on you and looking after your children. We would like you to be able to find some time alone on a regular basis and preferably in nature. Nature (walks on the beach, bushwalking etc) will support you through this and give you the comfort and space to experience and express these emotions of anger, resentment and fear. We also ask you to connect into you, to where you have betrayed yourself by putting yourself last rather than first.

Earth Angels misunderstand when we say put yourself first, they think we mean  be selfish, we do not mean that. We mean you can not love others from an empty pot. You need to feel love for yourself before you can love others and give to them unconditionally. You have put everyone before you and so those who love you are doing the same. Of course with three little souls to look after we know that is easier said than done. We are not suggesting you stop loving and caring for them, we suggest that you make a small amount of time daily for you – and you alone. A space to nurture you and connect with us. Many of the things you do are taking longer time because you do not have our assistance – call us in to help you – your load will be lightened.

Remember beloved that you are responsible for how you feel, not your husband. So think not on revengeful acts or retribution. Think on learning to love and respect you and your time more fruitfully , and look after your dear ones. Bring in as much help as you can, be that from friends, family or professionals. You are not alone dear one, we are with you. You will find over time that this crisis was the beginning of you knowing you better and feeling more loved than you have ever felt in the past. Blessings, beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



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