Winner # 23 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 23rd question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Moonbaby asks:

I feel like I am spiritually growing and happy with the changes that I am going through,
but why is my body not matching how good  I feel inside? Why am I always so tired, why are my legs and feet swelling up and what’s up with the pain in my left hand and the sciatica ? Can you tell me how I can cure myself and what I need to concentrate
on to grow even more spiritually?

The Angels reply:

Beloved, we thank you for this question.  You have done much work on your spiritual and emotional development and accepted much of yourself that you previously judged – this is why you are feeling better within the truth of you – at your core. However there is still a lack of acceptance at the level of the body. The body plays an amazing part in  holding all of the emotional hurts and imbalances. These symptoms are there to show you this. You need to do the following:

1) start a dialogue with your body. All parts of your body will talk to you if you are ready to listen to the answer – do this in a journalling format – you will be surprised at the answers. Your body will also tell you what it needs you to do next regarding rebalancing and healing it.

2) Call us in every evening when you go to sleep, and ask us to re-balance your physical body to the rest of you – so that integration may happen. It is this lack of integration that is causing the problem. You have not grounded your spiritual work into your physical body. Please remember you are a spirit having a physical experience – all spiritual work must be grounded. Melody will give you her grounding technique here so that you can come back into your body each time you have completed your spiritual work.

3) Have a session with a homeopath or kineisiologist to help you rebalance. When you do a lot of spiritual work the biochemistry and nervous system can go out of alignment and nutrients are not always readily absorbed – a visit to one of these practitioners will fix the problem.

4) Get lots of rest. Earth Angels are notorious when it comes to ‘keeping going’ without decent rest periods. Please remember the energies of this time are increasing in frequency and you need to rest in order to receive the downloads appropriately. Rest helps the body rejuvenate. We will prod you when you need rest! (BIG SMILES) Blessings, loved one.

Bless-sings from the Angels



Grounding Technique: This is a quick and simple technique to use after you have done any form of spiritual work or meditation, if you are feeling out of focus or ungrounded.Placing you hand on your crown, say aloud or silently in your head – Ground, Connect, Protect, Seal, Energise, Balance, Integrate. These 7 words aare powerful and act as a protector of your etheric or subtle bodies.

Important Note: This answer is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. If you are dealing with any sort  of physical, mental or emotional disorders we suggest you consult your physician or therapist in the first instance.


One thought on “Winner # 23 – Angels Guidance

  1. Moonbaby sent me this email in reply:-

    How can I thank you and the angels for answering my question?
    All I can say is that the universe answered my call for an answer.
    How absolutely beautiful, divine and awe inspiring life is.
    Thank you, thank you and thank you. Blessings

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