Winner # 22 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 22nd question the Angels have answered in our promotion for July.

Jeanne asks:

What should my career path be at this stage in my life…in terms of my life purpose?  Do I continue as I am….or switch to something different?

The Angels reply:

Dear one – we thank you for this question. There is much confusion about what is meant by “life purpose”. In real terms all that you experience is part of your life’s purpose. The question you need to ask yourself when reviewing your life is this:

Are you repeating the same lesson over and over? 

If this is the case then you are needing to let go of the old way of doing things and start with a fresh approach to your life. This will enable you to bring in new experiences and discover new ways of being. Earth Angels are here to grow, to bloom more of themselves into the world. Imagine that when you arrived your life was a blank canvas.

How much of your canvas have you painted or drawn on?

If it is only a little, would you like to add more to this painting? Would this give you more joy do you think?

Most Earth Angels say ‘yes’ to these questions and then fear and confusion happens as they ask – but what? What do I put on my canvas?

And this is when we love to talk to Earth Angels because if you ask this question you will find that we will nudge you through your intuition, your dreams and your ‘random’ thoughts to become excited about possibilities.

So we ask you to recognize that you are already on your soul’s path and purpose – all you need do is ask – what is the next step? If the next step brings you joy – you are in your life’s purpose.

A better question to ask is – Am I living my life ‘on purpose?’

This question we can answer for you here. Living your life on purpose means being committed to your life as it unfolds and being present in each moment. Doing this will increase your satisfaction in life many times over. We suggest that you spend the next 3 months in your current position looking at what you do in the following way?

1) Does each action of your day bring you joy?  If so where? If not, why? This will give you some substance to the vague feeling you have now.

2) Go back to the last time you felt free and happy – what were you doing? How can you add more of this to your life?

After the next 3 months you will have some concrete ideas of whether you need to change and how. Blessings beloved.

Bless-sings from the Angels



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