Rest, relaxation and fun – this is what the Angels have ordered!

Hello Earth Angels

Well it’s Sunday and the Angels I work with are saying – ENOUGH!!

Time for some R&R&F!!!

So we will get back to you with more answers to your questions from tomorrow.

By the way, if you haven’t yet sent your question to me for the Angels to answer  please contact me by putting your request on the comment section below or emailing me at:

We are looking forward to being of service.

Many bless-sings from the Angels


PS – Don’t forget you have until 31 July to get your questions in to me!


2 thoughts on “Rest, relaxation and fun – this is what the Angels have ordered!

  1. Hi, Melody.
    I’ve had 2 very powerful dreams, two nights in a row. I was wondering if the angels can help me decipher them:

    On the first dream, I was seated at a wooden rectangular table and bench on my own, just outside a caravan that served hot dogs and hamburgers. There was a tarpaulin over my head, so I was in the shade. I was comfortable and in a good space. In the dream, I was ticking off what I wanted from the menu, which I held in my hands, except instead of food, there were luxury items on it, like clothing, shoes, perfume, etc. I knew I had no money on me, and I was aware that my credit cards had “maxed out”, yet I continued to tick things the things that I wanted.

    In the second dream, I had a home in the mountains, surrounded by tropical rainforest. I came down from my home to a small beachside town, not unlike Kuta in Bali. I just wanted to explore the town and get in amongst “humanity” for a while. I arrived at a restaurant and joined a bunch of young people in their twenties for a meal and a few drinks. I remember sitting next to a young guy that looked like a surfer on a wooden rectangualr table and bench seats, not unlike the bench set in the first dream. There was a perspex glass plate that separated our table from the beach. We then noticed the seas getting quite rough, with the waves coming in closer and closer. before we knew it, there were huge tidal waves rolling towards us, one after the other. The surfer next to me was in a panic and screaming as the waves came in. he was getting quite battered by the waves. Surprisingly, I managed to remain quite calm, just ducking my head when the waves crashed against the perspex glass and over us. I just ducked my head when that happened, but managed to remain safe. As the waves got larger and more threatening, I decided it was time for me to seek higher ground and go back to my home in the mountains. The dream ended with me making my way home.

    These dreams come at a time when I am trying to get my finances in order and paying off all my debts. I have become very frugal, not spending anything on luxuries, and simplifying my finances.

    I thank the angels for their help and I send them my love.

    I thank you and send you my love too.


  2. Hello Melody, Currently the new buzz word is “Quantum” as is in quantum thinking, jumping and parallel dimensions. Some of it seems like just a new spin on the existing information. My question particularly is that are there infinite parallel dimensions in which we are playing out roles in infinitely different experiences, and if so, can we travel to these dimensions in our meditation and learn from our other selfs there? Many thanks,

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