Winner # 3 – Angels Guidance

Hello Earth Angels

Here is the 3rd question the angels have answered in our promotion for July!

Leonie writes:-

Hello Angels, I sometimes feel I have angels watching over me and feel a sense of warmth and inner glow.  Angels, can you tell me if my current job will continue or will I be offered something different?  If I am going to be offered something new can you tell me if it will be in the education and training sector? I await to hear from you…..

The Angels reply:

Hello Sweet Angel

Of course you will feel warm and glowing when we are around … you recognise us as your friends and guides and your heart opens in rememberance. When you feel us close like that please remember to ask us to help you.

We realise that from where you sit it may appear that this contract is coming to an end and the money allocated for the project will dry up, but there will be more money found for another contract – although it will only be of a short duration. This constant feeling of ‘stop – start’ though is getting you down and you feel you are in need of something more settled. Your soul is done with your current journey and you need to look at making more than changes in your work situation. This is to unfold in the next few months. Keep your eyes open for a change that may include moving from where you are living to a new destination .. as doors close in other parts of your life the work situation will open a door that will allow you to make a transition to the new that will be filled will abundance, emotionally, financially and in terms of your career. You have done excellent work in your current region and industry sector and the education and training sector is the place where you can be the most beneficial to other souls. Take each step as it unfolds, do not push forward, let everything come to you. You deserve these rewards. Take time to rest, be still and to grieve what has to go from your life. Like the last leaves falling from the winter tree know you will soon bloom and be abundant again… You will feel so much joy then. Bless-sings Sweet one….

Bless-sings from the Angels



One thought on “Winner # 3 – Angels Guidance

  1. Thank you angels – I will take the opportunity to rest and I look forward to the future and the new journey as it unfolds. May the wind be gentle under your wings…


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